Why an IT Service Plan Matters

“Running a business without an IT Plan is like sailing a ship without a rudder.” 

– Frank Schlatterer


As a business owner, you know you have an IT department, but you may not fully understand what it does. Sure, you know that it is important and you’d like to be more involved, but you’ve got enough on your plate – so you rely on your team to make IT-related decisions. And since you’re not in the trenches, you’re not always sure where your budget is going. It’s like you’re moving a ship forward, but do you know that you’re moving in the right direction? If you don’t have a strategic IT service plan, then you’re not taking steps towards strategizing for the future!


How Does JENLOR Develop A Strategic IT Service Plan?

JENLOR works with its clients typically starting with a True Network Evaluation. We’ll spend half a day to a day onsite with a client digging in the best we can into all the individual pieces of their network. From there we will gather as much information as we can and head back to the office. Once we digest all of the information we gathered, we put it into a very readable format for the client so they are better able to understand. When presenting the plan for an organization, JENLOR grades them on some key metrics that they can use to assess their posture as an organization.


You need a partner who can make sense of your IT department and help create an IT Service Plan for you. JENLOR can fill that advisory role with our Pittsburgh IT consulting services. We can identify what you have now, what you need, and what it looks like from a budget perspective. We’re not an IT project company – we’re a forward-thinking IT partner that understands the big picture of IT impacts HR, finances, and basic day-to-day operations. Contact us today and let us help you create a plan you’ll understand.