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Do any of these IT challenges sound familiar?


You know that they’re no longer cutting it, and your company can benefit from a switch. Sure, they might have been a great fit 5 years ago – but you’ve grown and your needs have changed. This should be an exciting opportunity, but the process of moving on is intimidating. You’ve been with this vendor for years and they’re familiar with the ins-and-outs of your system. What if they leave with all that knowledge? What if the break results in security holes from their continued access? And the transition from one vendor to another is not your only concern. It’s been awhile since you’ve had to review IT proposals. Technology has changed, and you’re not an expert. How can you be sure that you understand what you’re buying? You definitely don’t want a misunderstanding to lead to higher costs.


Start with our IT Strategy Call to make the most of your new opportunity. We’ll get to know the nitty-gritty details of your business. And when we’re done, we’ll know you even better than your old vendor. With all that knowledge, the transition will be easy. And because we’ll have a thorough understanding of your IT situation, business goals and budget, you won’t have to sweat about the proposal. It’ll be tailored to your specific needs, and we’ll walk through it with you line by line. You’ll know exactly what you need and exactly what it will take to make it happen. And we promise – you won’t miss your old vendor.


We just don’t trust that our IT provider is doing everything they say they are doing. Our patches haven’t been updated in awhile, they haven’t contacted me proactively in quite a while, and I have no idea if our backups are actually working. My invoice barely demonstrates what services they are providing so I am losing confidence that we are properly supported. I feel like I’m just blindly paying an invoice and I’m concerned that we are not adequately protected from cyber threats.


Providing organized and consistent IT services is no small task. It takes a well-structured, well-managed organization to deliver reliable services. JENLOR is organized into segmented departments – Help Desk, Managed Services, Project Team, and Account Management. Each department has a dedicated Manager and each person has very specific roles that include complete documentation and verification. Furthermore, your Account Management Team is dedicated to keep your IT organized. We track your equipment inventory, patch status, warranty renewals, license tracking and more. Your Account Management Team will also provide a customized outreach program that includes recurring conference calls and onsite meetings with account reviews and budget planning. IT is constantly changing, and so is your business, so it is critical we remain in close communication to keep everyone aligned towards the same goals.


Your company used to have a great IT setup. Or maybe it wasn’t the best, but it was good enough. Nowadays, you’re experiencing slow performance, an increased risk of downtime, and incompatibility with 3rd party applications. What’s to blame? You’re dealing with aging hardware, outdated licensing, and expired warranties. Updating everything is your best course of action, but where do you start? Understanding newer technologies and the costs of implementing them is a challenge. With so many Cloud options, how do you make the right call?


First, the Cloud is not for everyone. We need to inventory your existing environment, perform a Cloud feasibility study, and strategize a logical migration path. We’ll also work with 3rd party vendors to ensure complete compatibility. This might sound like a huge undertaking which could result in downtime, but don’t worry – we’ve got that covered too. By building a new environment parallel to the old, you’ll stay up and running throughout the whole upgrade.


Every day’s an adventure – but not in a good way. There are end-user issues to deal with and your IT resources are stretched. You know something needs to change. Technology strategy with defined tactics are on your mind, but you need a strategic partner to help you pull it all together.


We’re not just an IT vendor – we’re your trusted partner. During our True Network Evaluation, we’ll get to know you and gain a deep understanding of your goals. This helps us devise a plan to move you forward. Resource requirements, IT budgets, and a phased strategy will all be laid out in great detail.

We’ll be like an extension of your team. Our Account Management team will keep us connected and on track – we’re more than just a group of highly technical people. You can take comfort knowing there’s a safety net in place for all your IT functions. You’ll be relieved by the weight lifted from your shoulders.


Sometimes it feels like all you do is put out fires. You’ve got so many end-user issues to deal with that there’s no time to fix the broken system. And the culture of constant chaos isn’t just affecting you – it’s bringing down the morale of your entire team.

End-users can’t seem to follow procedure, resulting in a never ending stream of service tickets. And they’re not the only source of your problems. You also have employees hacking together subpar solutions on their own, resulting in even more work. Oh, and you’re tired of fielding the after-hour calls.


We can help you see the light at the end of the service ticket tunnel. Forget about finding another temporary fix – we’ll get to the root of your network problems and solve them once and for all. By proactively managing your environment, things will be running smoother than ever.

Our 24/7 live Help Desk services are implemented to provide real-time end-user remediation. Organization is key – ticket documentation, network diagrams, and password files will set us both up for success. You’ll actually be operating like an IT department, rather than a fire department.


This is an exciting time for your business. And with this excitement comes all new opportunities and challenges. Lately you’ve been noticing increased demand on your network, caused by new software and infrastructure additions. You’re in a whole new territory and in a rhythm of solving problems that arise without direction or strategy. This results in a lot of one-off solutions, deployed without regard to long-term impact. What you really need are solutions that will scale with your company.

Right now, your internal IT resources are at their limits and your customers are starting to notice. How can you regain a handle on your environment and keep moving forward?


Our proactive approach to IT is perfect for growing businesses. We’ll take a look at your current operations and create a plan that focuses on scalable solutions and predictive spending to keep you moving forward.

We setup a new environment that’s cleaner and easier to manage – easing strains for your internal IT team. Future network additions or remote sites can be turned up quickly and easily. When growth demands additional IT resources, our teams will be there to fill the void. In the end, you’ll be able to eliminate operational bottlenecks and keep your customers happy.

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