The Benefit of a Managed Service Provider

Is JENLOR going to replace my IT Department?

JENLOR wont come in and replace an IT team. We will work in unison with your team to fill any gaps that you may have.

What is the biggest benefit when working with a Managed Service Provider?

The proactive support and depth of knowledge you get with a team of support specialists. This includes:

  • Account Management Team
  • Help Desk Team
  • Project Team
  • Network Operations Team

With an expert support specialists and technological infrastructure, a trusted Managed Service Provider like JENLOR can dramatically improve the efficiency of your company’s overall Managed IT operations. As a Managed IT Service Provider, JENLOR can provide your company with a wide variety of IT solutions that are also scalable to meet company growth needs. We can recommend and implement the specific managed IT services your company will need currently and into the future.

Managed IT Support with Strategy

With a reliable Managed Service Provider, your IT staff can once again focus on strategy and not stay stuck in the trenches alone. With JENLOR as your IT partner and advisor, your company can more effectively strategize how to utilize your IT assets to achieve your business goals. Our proven expertise can help guide you on how to most effectively utilize IT within your business resources. JENLOR offers  24/7 Help Desk support, improving the reliability of your company’s IT operations allowing you to focus on your business.

Cybersecurity For Your Business

Nothing strikes larger fear for many small businesses than the nightmare scenario of their network being hacked and sensitive data being corrupted or stolen. A reliable IT Managed Service Provider offers your company layers of the latest cybersecurity protection through firewalls, applications, monitoring, filtering, and other protective measures. JENLOR has the technology and expertise to keep hackers out or to quickly rid the system of their presence if they manage to penetrate the layered defenses. As noted below, even if cybercriminals do somehow overcome these formidable cybersecurity defenses, an JENLOR will also provide robust back-ups of our clients critical data and applications to ensure the continuity of business operations.

Peace of Mind Through Back-Ups

Through its emphasis on the important services of Back-ups, Disaster Recovery, and Business Continuity JENLOR offers your company what it wants most: peace of mind! With these services your management team and employees can rest easy at night knowing that all your important data and business applications are comprehensively backed-up at a secure remote location. In the event of a harmful man-made or natural event, an MSP can quickly restore operations with backed-up data and applications and ensure that your business will not suffer the consequences from costly downtime.

JENLOR is a flexible managed IT services partner for businesses who want to move forward. Now that you know what an IT Managed Service Provider can do to benefit your business, contact JENLOR today!