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With JENLOR’s Pittsburgh IT Consulting Services you can think of us as an integrated part of your team or as your whole IT department. We customize our IT consulting services to fit your specific business needs. At JENLOR, we understand that IT problems don’t have one-size-fits-all solutions. And often, these problems require a more personal, customized approach than our boxed-solution competition provides.

At JENLOR, we build bridges between business owners, full-time IT professionals, and those people within your organization where IT has unintentionally become their second job, or dual-role employees.

Our focus is to find solutions to your specific IT problems today while planning for your IT needs of tomorrow. Our Pittsburgh IT consulting solutions focus on your immediate short-term needs and your long-term information and technology goals.

Let’s talk about you…

Business Owners

As a business owner, you know you have an IT department but you may not fully understand what it does. Sure, you know that it is important and you’d like to be more involved, but you’ve got enough on your plate – so you rely on your team to make IT-related decisions. And since you’re not in the trenches, you’re not always sure where your budget is going. Improving your IT situation could have a lot of benefits. The right IT investment could increase productivity and profit margins.

You need a partner who can make sense of your IT department for you. JENLOR can fill that advisory role with our Pittsburgh IT consulting services. We can identify what you have now, what you need, and what it looks like from a budget perspective. We’re not an IT project company – we’re a forward-thinking IT partner that understands the big picture of IT impacts HR, finances, and basic day-to-day operations. Ready to learn more?

Forward Thinking

Pittsburgh IT Consulting Services

Dual-Role Employees

Somewhere along the way, you inherited the unofficial role of “IT person.” It’s not what you were hired for, but you managed to fix one technical issue and the rest is history. Now you have a handful of IT problems that you can solve, but you’re just patching things together with duct tape. Let’s face it. You’re in over your head.

Here’s an idea. Let JENLOR handle the IT, so you can focus on what you were actually hired to do. We understand your struggles and can lift the burden of IT from your shoulders. And you may have been burned by past vendors, but trust us, we’re different. We’ve built our entire company around the needs of our customers, because we want them to succeed. Ready to learn more?

Learn More

We will conduct our True Network Evaluation and we’ll create a blueprint for your IT success. You will know exactly what needs done and what it will cost. You’ll have a short-term and long-term plan. You can implement the plan on your own, send out RFP’s, or hire us to do it for you. It’s your decision.

Regain Focus

Pittsburgh IT Consulting Services

IT Department Managers

You’re in charge of the IT department. And you’ve got a vision, but no time to make it happen. There are too many fires to put out. Even though you understand what needs to be done and have a good handle on your department, you could benefit from a little assistance from an outside source.

JENLOR’s Pittsburgh IT consulting services can lift some of the everyday burden from your shoulders. So you can get back to managing your department, instead of working in the trenches. We’re lean and efficient enough to be there when you need us, and not when you don’t.

We know what works for companies like yours. We’ve seen your current problems and, with our experience, can anticipate future ones. You’ve already got a plan. Let us validate your decisions and implement your vision.

True IT Partnership

Pittsburgh IT Consulting Services

Are you ready to say goodbye to “one-size fits all” Pittsburgh IT consulting services?

Let JENLOR fill in the gaps of your company’s IT needs. Fill out the form or give us a call at (412) 220-9330 today.

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