Why You Need Managed IT Services in 2022

Whether your present IT department is struggling to keep up with rapidly evolving technologies, or your company needs next-generation data protection and digital infrastructure, managed IT services can benefit you.

Let’s go over some of the most important advantages of managed IT services for organizations.

Experts on Your Team – Internal IT staffing levels are being stretched to meet up with demand. A team stretched to its limits is more prone to human error, more prone to turnover, and generally increases the exposure to risk for your organization. It can be difficult – if not impossible – for your in-house IT team to develop and maintain all the skills necessary to properly design, deploy and manage your IT environment without outside help. And that’s to say nothing about regulatory compliance.  Furthermore, in many businesses, the designated IT administrator has other jobs in addition to IT responsibilities, making it much more difficult to turn out IT services and deliverables aligned with the company’s goals.

24/7 Monitoring – 24/7/365 network and security monitoring is essential to maintain environment uptime and availability, and to stay one step ahead of hackers and other cybersecurity risks. However, due to time and resource constraints, in-house IT teams are simply unable to consistently fulfill this need. Maintaining this level of oversight during non-working hours and vacations is especially difficult.

With a team of devoted personnel, a Managed Service Provider like JENLOR fills this gap for you, providing the peace of mind your organization requires.

Boost Productivity –  Outsourced managed IT Services are not only cost-effective, but they also deliver streamlined IT systems management by way of a very structured, proactive approach. Outsourced managed IT Services keep your office network, end-user systems, and software up to date, secure, and operating at peak performance. They relieve your team of technical tasks, allowing them to focus on what they do best, while delivering a better end-user experience for your IT users.

Get Your IT Projects Under Control.

Implemented correctly, IT is one of your company’s greatest assets.  An engine of productivity at the center of your business operations.  Implemented poorly, it becomes a drain on capital and internal resources, and is a hindrance to productivity.  In the era of Cloud computing and cybersecurity, it’s quite common to become overwhelmed with options – server design, backup policies, and security solutions. What are the right solutions for you?  How will you deploy these solutions? How will you maintain these systems? At JENLOR, we empower our clients to realize their vision for the future by untangling these complex IT challenges. Backed by a team of passionate people, our in-depth approach to service delivery enables our team to do the heavy lifting, so our clients can focus on what they do best.

Are you ready to have managed IT services? To get started, contact JENLOR today!