Why It May Be Time to Breakup with Your IT Provider

When dealing with managed services, it’s often comfortable to assume that your IT Helpdesk is already the best there is. Unfortunately, such romantic notions are undercut by the massive changes in network management that have taken place in general security management, storage protection and much more.

Because of this, it’s important to ask some questions about how your IT provider (whether in-house or remote) is handling aspects of your corporate security. If these questions aren’t handled to your satisfaction, contact us: we’re one of the leading Pittsburgh IT consulting firms and we can help your business make changes in order to head in the right direction.

Are You Still Using Older Methods of Remote Data Access?

Advances in Cloud Computing and mobile device management have made older methods of backup & disaster recovery obsolete. Data now moves at the speed of the latest updates at the group level, while keeping records of older forms when needed instantaneously. Gone are the days of having to update data redundantly for safety: whether using a public cloud system which is shared, using a private cloud with data distributed over various networks, or even using physical servers as cloud systems, modern data storage and protection is done at an instantaneous level.


How is Data Being Backed Up?

Say goodbye to the days of daily data backups. Now, data is updated across storage levels with backups as it is being created, updated, deleted, or expanded. It is no longer necessary to start over for the day: it is possible to pinpoint potential security issues, data problems and more at the minute they occur and correct them instantly if needed. Offsite backups provide for quick, efficient recovery of your data overall.

Do You Have a Mobile Device Management Solution in Place?

Your IT provider should also be keeping you abreast of the widened technological options available. The days of platform-specific storage and transmission are over– most modern data solutions are designed for the widest variety of data systems across the board. Because of this, if you are still using or mandating specific devices because your IT department recommends it, your data storage systems may already be obsolete, and, therefore, vulnerable to attacks and other issues. Mobile device management is essential to modern data storage and can often be platform-independent, allowing you and your employees access to data through a variety of secure methods.

If the above doesn’t sound like where your company’s IT stands, and you’re still using outdated methods for storage and data policies, contact JENLOR to see what we can do to help you keep your data– and those in charge of taking care of it– up to date.¬†Our IT managed services ensure a smooth and reliable network for your organization, allowing to you trust your technology to our expert needs while you operate your business with confidence. So stop letting the daily grind of your IT management hold your business back, and get the proactive support you need by contacting JENLOR today.