Common Mistakes When Moving to the Cloud

Watch Frank Schlatterer, JENLOR’s Chief Technology Officer explain the key variables to avoid mistakes when moving to the Cloud. Contact JENLOR to determine if a move to the cloud is right for your company.

What is a mistake I could make when moving to the cloud?

One common mistake companies make is that moving to the cloud will cure all ills while they have problems with their internal infrastructure. A lot of times a move to the cloud is the right decision for a business. However, by itself it does not solve problems if you have not done your due diligence.

Improper planning and not taking an appropriate look at third party vendors can also serve as a common mistake companies make.

Select Cloud Solutions  on Legacy Systems:

Moving legacy apps to the cloud can be extremely beneficial for most companies. However, when many companies make a transition to cloud computing, they fail to recognize the advantages of other cloud solutions that could be a better fit their operations and goals. For example, a company that uses Microsoft Exchange may think that their best option is to transition to Exchange Online. even though Office 365 or Google Apps offer even more capabilities than the cloud-based upgrade to the current system.

Additionally, when companies upgrade their legacy systems to a cloud-based application, they can easily overlook the increased functionality they have. Often, the approaches for using older versions of the software are so ingrained, that many employees continue using the application in much the same way as they used older versions. Without proper training or planning, companies fail to take advantage of new capabilities that could make employees’ more productive.

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