In this Touchpoint IT Topics webinar, we explore the world of managed IT services and the role they play in increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of business teams. Join our expert speaker, Frank Schlatterer, as he uncovers the invaluable benefits these services bring to businesses. Learn how managed IT services enable teams to focus on what truly matters by offloading IT responsibilities to specialists like JENLOR. Say goodbye to the headaches of managing IT internally or with inexperienced staff!

Discover the proactive approach of managed IT services, including remote monitoring, backup management, and detailed documentation. Plus, gain an understanding of how managed IT services providers can work with internal IT teams to complement their expertise and further enable them to succeed.

Frank Schlatterer

Frank Schlatterer

Chief Technical Officer

What You’ll Learn:

  • The role managed IT services play in boosting business efficiency.
  • Common challenges businesses face with internal IT management.
  • Proactive strategies for monitoring and managing IT infrastructure.
  • The structure of managed IT services teams and their support functions.
  • How managed IT services providers can complement internal IT teams.

Don’t miss this chance to transform your IT strategy. Watch the on-demand webinar now or reach out for an IT Strategy call to see how JENLOR can support your IT needs.