Top Considerations for Single Sign-On (SSO)

The average employee juggles 35 different applications or more to tend to their work each day. Because of the growing use of Software as a Service (SaaS) applications, businesses of all sizes must navigate this ever-growing landscape of usernames, passwords and permission controls within these environments.

A single sign-on solution allows users to access numerous apps with only one username and password, centralizing password resets, access controls and other related functionality for an organization under one umbrella. But what distinguishes the best single sign-on systems from the rest? When looking for a single sign-on solution, keep these things in mind.

Focused on Security

SSO acts as a critical point for implementing security standards in addition to providing a simple login experience for users. From a simple, intuitive administrative dashboard, administrators should be able to create and enforce application access controls depending on user group, location, and device trust (whether the device is managed or unmanaged, specific security features enabled or disabled, etc.). A report and analytics of unusual user activity should also be available to the administrator. Furthermore, to decrease the risk of phishing and other identity attacks that might compromise credentials, the SSO application dashboard for end users should be protected with multi-factor authentication (MFA).

Provide the Best Customization and User Experience

SSO should be virtually transparent to end-users. Users should be able to navigate a centralized application dashboard (web-based portal) using icons and names of the programs, rather than having to remember or hunt for separate web site addresses.SSO should also be integrated with remote access solutions to provide for easier and more secure access to critical internal applications.

End users (workers, contractors, and providers) demand a familiar and trustworthy appearance and feel when interacting with their company’s website, internal apps and services, and online portals. As a result, the SSO solution should provide administrators with the ability to personalize the SSO login page and application dashboard that users view.

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