The Top IT Outsourcing Mistakes of 2015

In any company’s IT network design, there are different mistakes that are made. These mistakes are of particular concern when a company chooses to outsource portions of its IT functions to a third-party provider. These mistakes range from improper IT disaster recovery management techniques to selecting the wrong cloud service provider. Companies find that making these types of mistakes results in losses in terms of talent resources, time and money. Here is look at some of the top IT outsourcing mistakes made in 2015 and ways in which you can both avoid and enhance your IT operations in 2016.

Poor Communications Resulting in Major Implementation Problems

One of the biggest mistakes companies made when outsourcing their IT services in 2015 is failing to maintain proper communications with a vendor. The process of outsourcing, like every other business function, relies on maintaining effective relationships in order to avoid problems and issues. When a lack of communication between you and the provider occurs, this results in implementation problems, potential service interruptions and customer dissatisfaction. The use of an IT outsourcing communication plan is one way to communicate expectations and avoid potential problems that can affect your bottom line.

Too Much Focus on Cost versus Results

You want to get the most service you can from your vendors for the lowest cost. This basic business principle is indisputable when considering how the cost of your operations relates to the price you charge your customers. When selecting a vendor to outsource a portion of your IT, it is important to consider the cost of the service. Relying too heavily on cost however rather than the results may be problematic. This mistake can result in getting inexperienced project managers or paying for services that are not sufficient for your business needs and requirements.


Failing to Properly Manage Internal Processes

Hiring a firm to manage a portion of your IT operations may make sense as a way to lower your internal costs and bring forth the resources of a value-added partner. Relying on the provider to manage all of your IT functions, internally and externally, is a mistake that often occurred in 2015 by companies. A third-party hired to manage a portion of your IT operations understands its internal processes but may not be as equally versed in your specific internal and external processes as it relates to the use of IT outcomes by your staff. Make sure the IT provider you choose has the experience and expertise needed to help you get ahead.

Improper Virtualization of “Everything” to the Cloud

One of the IT buzzwords that persisted throughout 2015 is cloud computing. Most every business, from small, medium to large, uses some aspect of the cloud in their everyday IT operations. When considering use of the cloud, it is reasonable to expect that you would turn to a reputable cloud service provider to provide services to your company. The mistake however comes with selecting the wrong provider. A third-party provider who does not understand the nature or scope of your business or industry may not be a proper fit. Worse, choosing a provider solely on cost may save you a few dollars upfront but cost you greatly on the back-end when problems arise.

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