The Consequences of Selecting The Wrong IT Professionals

IT support services are an essential part of any business. Enterprises today operate in a tech-dominated environment, making a sound IT strategy and the associated IT services central to any well-run organization.  But just as quality IT services can improve an organization’s capabilities in a variety of ways, inadequate IT support can have serious ramifications for any organization. The consequences of settling for inadequate IT services and solutions are not always clear, so let’s take a look at some of them here.

Security Breaches Become More Likely to Occur – The potential of a security breach is a concern that can easily keep a leadership team up at night.  Not selecting the right professionals to address these concerns puts a company at greater risk of falling victim to cybercrime threats, as they can be left with weak, inappropriate or outdated security measures in place as a result. A qualified vendor with experience in this space, can make all the difference though.  Offering sound recommendations for technical controls that can reduce security risk, consistent patching and updates, email security, two-factor authentication, and other solutions designed to decrease the attack surface in an organization.

Financial Impact – Sub-par IT services and security can have serious financial consequences. The cost of a security breach can be substantial, and in some cases, can pose an existential threat to your organization. Your ability to interface with clients and vendors in the modern age is highly dependent upon a dependable computing environment and a team that knows how to service it. Similarly, staff who are frequently dealing with technical challenges become less efficient, incurring a soft-cost for your organizations and potentially necessitating the addition of additional personnel.

In Summary –  Whether you’re managing an enterprise with a fully staffed IT department or a small business with a single IT employee, your IT team is responsible for the care and proper operation of all technology-related equipment and systems.  Whether you need an IT partner to supplement your existing team, or need someone to take the reins entirely so you can focus on your core business, this is where the value of IT services from a company like JENLOR come into play.

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