The 3 Pillars of Managed IT Services

Boxed solution providers try to fit you into their “one size doesn’t really fit all” solution. Below we highlight the 3 pillars of Managed IT Services which are designed to fill any gaps in your company’s resources, skill sets, technology, and services. You’ll get exactly what you need and you won’t pay for services you can handle internally.

Network Management +


  • Server Performance & Predictive Failure Monitoring 24/7
  • 24/7 Application Services Monitoring
  • Licenses & Asset Management
  • Email performance Monitoring
  • Microsoft Patch Level Assessment & Deployment
  • Virus Definition Management
  • Unlimited Remote & Onsite Support
  • Server Parts Replacement (must have mfg. warranty)
  • Monthly Statistical Reporting

Local Backup Monitoring 24×7

  • Fully Managed LOCAL Backup Data
  • Daily Verification of Scheduled Backups
  • Backup Review Process (Annually)
  • Monthly Backup Checks

Key Features:

  • Automate IT Services and Routine Tasks
  • Benefit from ‘Self-Healing’, Increased Uptime
  • Monitor with Rules-Based Notifications

Security Management +


  • SonicWALL Firewall Appliances
  • Comprehensive Gateway Security Suite
  • (CGS Subscription)
  • Installation and Configuration
  • 24/7 Firewall Monitoring & Alerting
  • Internet Security Policy Review
  • Firmware Upgrade Assessment & Deployment
  • Managed VPN Connections
  • Unlimited Adds/Moves/Changes
  • Unlimited Remote & Onsite Support
  • Manufacturer Warranty
  • Monthly Statistical Reporting

Key Features:

  • Secure & Reliable Network Performance
  • Protect Against Application Vulnerabilities,
  • Internal/External Attacks
  • Activity Visualization, Alerting, and Reporting
  • Exceed Regulatory Compliancy Standard

Backup & Disaster Recovery +


  • 24/7 Monitoring & Alerting
  • Initial Review of Critical Data
  • Development of Back-Up Schedules
  • Daily Verification of Scheduled Backups
  • Hosted Backup Data at Tier4 NOC
  • Backup Review Process (Annually)
  • Monthly Reporting via E-mail

Key Features:

  • Continuous and/or Scheduled Backups
  • MS Exchange & SQL Support
  • Advanced Encryption & Compression
  • Web-based Remote Administration
  • Regulated Compliancy Standards

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