Taking the Steps Towards a Long-Term IT Support Solution

Every business, no matter how big or small, is faced with the prospect of establishing IT support, and whether it will be provided by in-house expertise or by outsourced IT support. The same can be said about the hardware and software necessary to drive and maintain the business. Together these two issues comprise one of the biggest problems every business needs to solve in order to become and remain viable and competitive. While there is something to be said for both in-house and outsourced solutions, many companies have decided that an outsourced IT service strategy makes the most sense for them.

Advantages of Outsourcing IT Support

There are many advantages to outsourcing your information technology support services, chief among them being the fact that it relieves you of the need to hire in-house talent and having most of the necessary hardware at your business location. The hiring process that Human Resources departments must observe these days gets more and more arduous by the year, and even then, misfires can occur. Having qualified expertise through an outsourcing agency removes all those issues, and when much of the hardware is also supplied by the agency, your company is likewise relieved of the huge burden of maintenance.

Flexibility and scalability are two more reasons why outsourcing makes sense, especially for small business IT support. While it might be a major project for a small company to make significant changes to its IT infrastructure, or to make sweeping new additions, all those issues are handled by the agency in an outsourcing scenario.

One of the greatest headaches in the world of computing is security. Hackers are constantly adopting increasingly sophisticated ways of compromising businesses. For every new layer of security developed, there seems to be a new counter-measure, or vulnerability, discovered and exploited by malicious software programmers. While an outsourcing company may not catch absolutely everything either, a reputable company will at least be making every effort to apply the latest patches available for keeping things secure.


The Bottom Line

With all the personnel required for support of your company’s infrastructure supplied by an outsourcing agency, your own personnel are freed up to carry out the other important aspects of your business. Even the very expensive Helpdesk function is removed from consideration, and managed off-site with perhaps even greater effectiveness.

Getting started with an outsourced solution can be as simple as reaching out to an experienced and reputable IT consulting firm, which would then perform a thorough IT network evaluation at your site. This will establish a baseline for the level of support that your company would need, and can be the basis for ongoing discussion.

While IT outsourcing may not be truly worry-free and hands-off, it certainly does remove much of the worry and hassle of IT support. Relieve yourself and your team of the daily grind in IT by reaching out to the IT pros at JENLOR Integrations. Using our ‘3 Pillar’ approach to IT, our team will create a well-defined service strategy to help put your network on sturdy ground. Don’t let the frustrations of an ill-managed network keep your team tied down, contact JENLOR and make your IT easy.