Benefits of Working Virtually

As a result of COVID-19, the workplace will be forever changed. Employers in Pittsburgh are facing this challenge as they decide to go hybrid or have employees come back to work in 2021.  Here are 5 Reasons why your company should embrace hybrid working.

  1. Supporting Your Employees  

Your company might be going through a great deal of stress. There is a lot to consider while going hybrid with your employees. You need to figure out how to implement techniques for new and refined work cultures. However, your employees are facing a great deal of stress too and they need your support. Many employees are parents who are managing their children’s online schooling, while others are providing care to their young children or old parents as they are reluctant to leave them with third-party caretakers.

To effectively manage a hybrid workplace, you as an employer can hold meetings with virtual sessions. You can use calendar apps to manage your meeting schedule with employees, and always stay up to date on employee tasks. When you support your employees, they will stay loyal to you and stay for the long term.

  1. Productive Employees  

When you let your employees work from home they become more efficient. Working from home can eliminate the headaches and hassles involved with traveling to work, and employees can

invest more time in performing work-related activities without having to waste time on travel.

You’ll also end up with employees taking less sick time or calling off. Employees who are a little under the weather can still get work done most of the time if it means not having to go into the office. Another bonus? No sharing illnesses.

  1. You’ll Save Money!  

Working from home means either no office or at the very least, a lot less office space. If you don’t want to make the switch to a completely remote environment, try staggering your employees’ work-from-home days to save on office space. With no office or smaller office space, you will save on office supplies, snacks, or coffee. Having a smaller office or no office will definitely help your company save money.

  1. You, Will, Have a Wider Pool of Applicants  

Going hybrid means you can hire the best employees all around the world! Offering this type of benefit can help employers attract young, highly skilled employees that might not otherwise be interested in a role. This can be particularly beneficial in locations or professions with skills shortages, as small businesses can widen their nets and work with the most talented individuals, regardless of where they are located.

Yes, this does mean way more applications to look through. However, wouldn’t it be nice to have an employee that can do the job perfectly without training?

  1. Less Time on Commuting to Work!  

In 2019, an average US worker spent almost 9 days commuting. That’s the time the employee should have spent working were they not stuck in the traffic. Don’t you think your business would have been better off had the employee spent this time on work?

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