How an Outsourced IT Partner Can Boost Productivity For Your Business

Did you know the average office worker wastes 21 days per year due to IT issues? Outsourcing IT to JENLOR will stop those wasted days and boost your company’s productivity!

The perks of outsourcing 

No distractions to your or your employees – when an IT disaster strikes, your company’s  productivity can take a huge hit. When an IT disaster hits, it becomes a distraction for not only  you, but for your entire staff. If your network goes down, if a computer or hard drive breaks, or if  there’s a hiccup with your email or server, your entire office and its productivity come screeching  to a halt. Having an experienced IT partner that can come in and fix the issue quickly will keep  your business going!

Reduce the risks of an IT problem – When you hire an IT partner, it is their job to keep your  systems up-to-date. Having all your systems running and up-to-date lowers the risk of having an  IT problem.

You’ll save money and time – When you outsource to an IT partner, you will don’t have to pay  employee benefits, holidays, paid time off and overtime! This will also save you time hiring  someone and training them.

In a nutshell, by outsourcing an IT partner it will free up time, add value to your company, and  most importantly boost your company’s productivity!

Thinking about outsourcing your IT department? Contact JENLOR today!