What to Do If Your Business is Still Running Office 2010

As you may know, the popular Office 2010 has reached its end of life. This means that if you  have Office 2010, you will no longer receive technical support, bug fixes, or security updates.  The end of life also means that if there are any security issues, organizations, and individuals still using Office 2010 will not be protected. If you currently own Office 2010, you might be  wondering, what are your options?

Option 1 – Stay with Office 2010. 

Sticking with Office 2010 is the easiest option, but it’s definitely not the safest! As a business,  this presents a potential (and ever-increasing) security risk. Why? Because the more time that  passes after the support is dropped, the higher the chance that malicious third-parties will have  found (and exploited) any security vulnerabilities in Office 2010. Security will be your biggest  factor if you stay with Office 2010.

Another roadblock you may face is incompatibility from Office 2010 with some of the newer  programs and file formats. This could become a pain if you are sending or receiving files from  clients that are in newer versions of Office.

Option 2 – Contact JENLOR to assist you in moving to Microsoft 365. If you’ve been using Office  2010, you might wonder exactly what you’re missing.  

The first thing you are going to be missing is security! As mentioned above, with Office 2010,  you will lose security. If you move to Microsoft 365, you will get a subscription plan that makes it  easy for you to win certainty over software vulnerabilities and allow you to budget your business  overhead without hidden money pits. Microsoft 365 also will improve your teamwork and  communication with its Team feature especially as more and more companies are working from  home. Microsoft 365 can significantly benefit your business and it will keep your company safe and save you money as time goes on!

Looking to upgrade your Microsoft account? Contact JENLOR today and get started!