Chrome Tech Support Scam

New Tech Support Scam Attacking Chrome Users

A new security breach scam has panicked many Google Chrome users.  The new scam freezes Chrome and convinces users into believing that their network security has been compromised.  But, the catch is that following the instructions listed will lead to the actual security breach.

The scam starts by displaying an error message about a security breach that leaves the browser inaccessible and advises the end user to dial the listed phone number to fix the error.  While on the other end of that phone number is the scammer posing as an Apple or Microsoft technician awaiting to obtain your credit card and other personal information.

The fix however is quite easy.  Windows users need to simply open Task Manager (press ctrl + shift + esc) and select the browser and click end task.  MacOS users just need to simply wait until a system message prompts them to close the unresponsive Chrome tab.

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