Since coming on board with JENLOR, one of the more frequent discussions that I have with our customers is finding a way to more effectively filter SPAM from their employee’s email. In general, we have seen an increase in SPAM in the last year and as such, it’s important to find an effective SPAM management tool. Because we have seen and experienced an increase in unwanted emails, and because our customers have asked for better SPAM solutions, JENLOR is now partnering with Barracuda to manage SPAM effectively. With a long-standing heritage in spam protection, Barracuda Networks has been and continues to be an industry leader in identifying and blocking spam. Barracuda provides a comprehensive set of security layers that helps to ensure that organizations remain productive in the face of continually evolving threats.

JENLOR offers (3) different options for our customers to partner with Barracuda to manage SPAM:

  • A physical Barracuda device, resident on a customer’s network
  • A virtual Barracuda device, hosted on a customer’s virtual environment
  • OR a JENLOR fully-managed Email Security program, powered by Barracuda on the backend

Which option is best for your organization? It depends. We would be happy to discuss which of these (3) options would work best in your environment. We do know that across the board, we’ve seen a higher level of efficacy with Barracuda powering the email filtering. And with new threats and content coming at your organization every day, it makes sense to invest in a more robust, effective tool to help your users stay productive. If you do have questions OR concerns about SPAM, please reach out. We want to help and support all of your IT requirements.