Signs You Need Better Data Backup

Information technology is constantly evolving, allowing you to perform all of your core business tasks in more efficient ways. If you don’t keep up with technology, your company may find itself falling behind the competition. 

These are the warning signs that it’s time to update your IT systems and infrastructure, ranging from low productivity to the risk of data loss and business continuity.

  • You’re Spending More Than Usual on IT Maintenance and Support –  IT solutions that are outdated or improperly implemented will inevitably fail. Hardware, network, and software failures on a regular basis cost money and reduce productivity. If you’ve seen an increase in IT maintenance costs in the last six months, it’s probably time for a full system audit, analysis, and solution consultation.
  • Staff Are Complaining About the Systems That They Are Using – Nothing is more frustrating for an employee than being unable to perform their job. You’ll have morale issues and a drop in productivity if your teams are constantly dealing with slow hardware, outdated software, or systems that aren’t suited to their day-to-day tasks. Give your company the resources it needs to help clients and expand its operations.
  • You’re Using Multiple Data Recovery Tools – In a lagging data recovery plan, the use of a variety of recovery tools can be a factor. This method indicates a piecemeal strategy, or a disparate collection of tools designed to operate independently of one another and on their own timetables. The more disparate your disaster recovery resources are, the more likely it is that an aspect of your plan will go wrong at an inopportune time. Consolidating your disconnected systems is essential to mitigate this risk and streamline the recovery process.

With the help of JENLOR Integrations, give your business the better backup plan it deserves and protect your bottom line.Our cloud backup services give businesses peace of mind, knowing that their data and information are almost impervious to natural disasters, power outages, and cyber attacks. Most importantly, our fully-managed customizable backups allow your team to concentrate on growing your business while we safely store and protect your data.