Signs You May Have Outgrown Your Managed IT Provider in 2022

Is the proactiveness of your IT service provider lagging behind? Do you find it challenging to receive the assistance you require? You should consider finding a different service provider if you are dealing with any of the following problems.

Your Provider Only Deals with Problems Reactively 

Many IT service companies lack initiative. As difficulties in each company activity are brought to their attention, some providers find themselves in a very reactive posture more often than not.  Your IT service provider’s capabilities should go beyond just fixing IT problems. They are in charge of handling many facets of the IT operations. They must be able to foresee issues in the future and take the necessary precautions to prevent them.

Employees are Complaining About IT Issues Frequently

Employees are the lifeblood of your business. Their participation may have a beneficial or negative effect on corporate operations. Your IT service provider is not meeting expectations if your staff become frustrated whenever they use company technology.

Technology is intended to support workers in carrying out their responsibilities and deliver desired outcomes on schedule. Anything less will result in decreased productivity and efficiency. Your IT supplier is probably ill-equipped to meet the needs of your firm if your staff begin to grumble about their inability to use business technology and complete routine activities.

You Have Weak Cybersecurity                                                                              

When cybercriminals become interested in your company and your IT service company is not taking the proactive security measures, this is a key warning sign that it is time to switch your provider.  Security procedures are crucial for expanding businesses and sensitive data breaches are more likely when cybersecurity is weak. Additionally, it increases the risk of non-compliance for your company, particularly when it comes to following government requirements strictly.

Your business operations will be impacted and the company will be exposed to several cybersecurity issues if your IT service provider lacks proper backup and disaster recovery measures.

If your business is experiencing any of the signs you may have outgrown your managed IT provider in 2022, contact JENLOR today!  Our skilled IT professionals at JENLOR will help you grow your business and manage your IT projects.