Should We Be Playing Offense or Defense in Cybersecurity?

Professionals in the field of cybersecurity are more likely to concentrate on the defensive side of the equation. After all, it is the essence of the profession to defend when attackers strike.

However, defense is just part of the story. Hackers are constantly refining their skills. They’re coming up with new ways to get into networks and systems, and they’re growing rather skilled at evading defenses. With all of the new strategies, techniques, and processes that attackers are employing, the conventional defense-only approach to cybersecurity is no longer sufficient.

Many companies are recognizing the need to create offensive and defensive tactics. But which is more important: playing offense or defense?

Offensive Cybersecurity vs. Defensive Cybersecurity

Offensive Cybersecurity 

Offensive Cybersecurity is all about tackling and outmaneuvering. The goal is to track down the hackers and, in certain situations, deactivate or “hack back” so that their operations are disrupted. In addition, offensive cybersecurity can aid in the detection of vulnerabilities or flaws in your defense. It’s a more proactive approach to security that includes things like penetration testing and threat hunting.

Defensive Cybersecurity 

Blocking is at the heart of defensive cybersecurity.  This might take the shape of tools as well as acts. You have your defensive tools, such as antivirus software and firewalls, in place to avoid or lessen the impacts of a cyberattack. Then there are the defensive steps, which include things like software patching and system vulnerability fixes.

The aim of any cybersecurity plan, regardless of whose side of the pitch you’re on, should always be to keep the hackers (a.k.a. the opponent) from winning. But this gets us back to our initial question: should we be focusing on cybersecurity offensive or defense?

Both are correct.

The best teams are adept at blocking and tackling. Building the greatest possible protection in cybersecurity entails using certain offensive methods to acquire intelligence about attackers and how they’re attempting to breach your systems.

Are you ready to play both offense and defense with your IT security strategy? 

Protecting yourself and your company from cybersecurity breaches is no joke. Contact JENLOR today to have the best offense and defense when it comes to cyber security.