5 Reasons Businesses Shift to an Outsourced IT Help Desk

Over the last couple of years, the financial spend on an internal IT department has steadily increased. This serves as one of the many reasons investigate working with a managed IT service provider.

Here are the 4 reasons why companies are moving to an outsourced IT help desk.

Absence of In-house Customer Service

Generally, an internal IT department is started for a very specific need, and over time the scope of work gets broadened so much that they get spread thin and this results in poor internal service to their staff, or projects not getting accomplished.

Technical Ability

As a company grows, their scope grows; and usually to a point that they cannot stay abreast of all the technology they need to properly support themselves. Or maybe they cannot afford to hire technical talent for the advanced technologies that they need. Outsourcing help desk support to JENLOR, saves a significant amount of money, resources, and time. Additionally, it allows the internal IT department to focus on specific strategic initiatives that really help a company grow.

Management Struggles

When an internal IT department begins to develop, it becomes increasingly difficult and to manage the range of skills and personalities, along with the dispersed priorities. Often times additional managers have to be brought in to manage different teams or aspects and it just becomes a costly headache that distracts companies from their core objectives.


Few mid-size to large companies outsource every part of their help desk. That is the beauty of an outsourced IT help desk, the scope can be very specific or very wide ranging.

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