Reducing Capital Expenses with Cloud Computing Services

Cloud computing is one of the biggest revolutions that’s been going on in the technology world over the past few years, and it’s starting to take firm hold in the business sector. In fact, the market was already generating $100 billion in 2012 and is estimated to grow up to $270 billion by 2020. The concept of cloud computing, at its very basics, means accessing data and programs over the internet as opposed to a computer’s hard drive. For businesses, cloud computing works in a different manner than the individual user or small office, with big cloud computing service providers like Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and Rackspace, amongst others, offering a number of cloud backup services and network management options. Shifting from traditional IT management methods to a cloud network management has a number of interesting benefits, particularly when it comes to the bottom line. Implementing a cloud system can help reduce capital expenses of business significantly in a number of ways.

Getting More for Less

Managing the many IT services of a business requires computing systems, hardware, and software which all come with their own capacity issues, maintenance, and security concerns. When moving to cloud network management, these costs are in large part eliminated and taken over by the cloud computing service providers. Cloud computing also works specifically on economies of scale, loading systems for maximum utility. Workloads are shared through server infrastructure with a number of organizations and the cloud-computing provider is, thus, able to optimize all hardware needs at their data centers, passing on the savings to all their business clients.

Reduce Staffing Expenses

Running a traditional IT department not only requires a large amount of hardware and software, but also a costly staff. Good IT people are a must when running a business, but they come with a high price tag and staffing budgets usually make up the single greatest cost for IT at companies. While cloud computing does not eliminate staffing costs, there is a large reduction when moving from an in-house workflow to the cloud. It’s another way economies of scale are at play in the cloud computing world.

Better & Quicker Organization

Being organized is one of the most key elements to running a successful business and cloud technology is extremely effective in the organization game. The cloud can increase capacity for new projects without the significant capital costs attached to creating new departments and setting up computing systems at a company. Cloud technology instead allows these new services to be added simply by changing orders.

Eliminate Redundancy Without Risk

There are many areas where cloud computing can eliminate redundancy in an organization, from additional staff and extra equipment to unnecessary data processing. For many companies, one of the biggest worries is backups and creating extra copies ‘just in case’. Cloud backup services effectively eliminate the extra expense here by quickly mirroring data and applications and storing them in multiple data centers without burdening their clients with hardware costs or extra time.

Lower Power Costs

A bonus side-effect of switching over to cloud computing is a company’s lower power needs. With much of the IT services moving over to cloud technology, there’s a reduction in hardware. Running an in-house data center inevitably leaves servers below maximum efficiency levels, wasting energy. Cloud service providers, on the other hand, use less energy by fully utilizing every server to manage the data of multiple companies, each of which claims a piece of the savings.

With its wealth of advantages offered to businesses, it comes as no surprise that cloud computing services are the way of the future. Make sure your business stays ahead of the trends with the Cloud Network Implementation Services from JENLOR. Our Pittsburgh IT Professionals make migrating to the cloud easier than ever, offering customized network consulting services to reduce downtime and keep your business ahead of the competition on all the latest IT trends. Call the expert consultants at JENLOR today to schedule a True Network Evaluation, and let us uncover opportunities to help grow your business’s bottom line.