Protect yourself from Emotet

Security researchers initially discovered the Emotet banking Trojan in 2014. Emotet was created as a financial virus that aimed to infiltrate your computer and collect sensitive and personal data. Spamming and virus distribution services, as well as other banking Trojans, were added to later versions of the program.

Emotet is a banking trojan malware software that collects financial information by injecting computer code onto a computer infected with Microsoft Windows, allowing sensitive data to be taken via communication. Emotet virus can potentially collect address book data in order to expand its infection further. Aside from that, the malware acts as a “on-ramp” for other infections, allowing more malicious code to infiltrate vulnerable systems. Malicious documents or URL links inside the body of an email, sometimes disguised as an invoice or PDF attachment, or a malicious JavaScript attachment, have been the most common method of dissemination.

This is a devastating outbreak. quite expensive. An ounce of prevention, on the other hand, is worth a pound of cure.

Prevention Steps

  • Don’t open that attachment or click on that link! DO NOT OPEN AN E-MAIL WITH AN EXPECTED ATTACHMENT unless it is provided to you by a recognized and trustworthy source. This suggestion applies even more to URLs/links.
  • Keep your computers up to date. It is critical that you let this procedure finish whether your PC is notifying you that updates are required or that a reboot is required to apply updates, etc.
  • Create a strong password for yourself and your users. Start utilizing two-factor authentication while you’re at it.
  • If you’re unsure, ask! We’re here to assist you. If you have any questions regarding an e-mail, attachment, or link, please contact us. Our team is available to assist you.

How can I remove Emotet?

If you suspect you’ve already been infected by Emotet, don’t freak out. Contact JENLOR today, our goal is to keep your network running as smoothly and securely as possible and we want to help our clients stay in front of this infection.  If you have any questions about Emotet or other concerns in your environment, feel free to contact us today!