Proactive Managed IT Services vs Reactive IT

A single IT disaster can set your company back months, which can negatively impact your budget.

Your staff is trying to put out fires and pick up the pieces, but they keep getting more added to their plates. Customers are left waiting—or they simply leave. Your reputation takes heavy hits and it’s hard to get even the most basic tasks done.

This scenario is more common than you’d think, especially for companies that take a reactive approach to IT management. Here at JENLOR, we want to explain the importance of proactive managed IT services vs reactive IT.

Reactive IT

The problem is right in the name “reactive.”

If you don’t do anything to address a problem until it affects productivity, it will negatively impact your business. Since a traditional IT project often exceeds an original budget, fixing an existing problem can be both inconvenient and expensive.

Proactive IT support makes it possible to stay ahead of problems. You don’t lose productivity. Your reputation is safe. Employee morale doesn’t take a hit. It can be a much more cost effective investment.

Benefits Of Proactive Managed IT Services

Proactive IT support offers a few distinct benefits that make a significant difference for operations. Below are the areas in which you’ll see the most significant boost.

24/7 Observation

Unscheduled downtime can throw everyone at your company off track. Customers can’t make purchases, phone lines go down, the network is inaccessible, and resources lock up due to unresponsive machines. 24/7 monitoring alerts your team the minute something goes down so it can be resolved immediately.

Active Updates And Patches

Many cyberattacks rely on unpatched hardware and software. A proactive update schedule limits opportunities for hackers. The latest patch may also add new features or otherwise improve performance. Proactive upgrades are especially important for maintaining older technology that may be more susceptible to attack.

Future Tech Preparation

Adding new solutions piece by piece without a plan results in a bloated infrastructure, which is not the best option. A proactive strategy allows you to adapt to a changing business environment and meet future challenges.

Tactical Analysis

A strategic analysis allows you to identify problem areas that act as bottlenecks to optimal performance. Sometimes, broken software or hardware is the cause of the issue, while other scenarios require policy changes.

Get Proactive

Proactive managed IT empowers your business to do more with your technology. We provide 24/7 live help desk, managed services, project management, and a dedicated strategic account management team – we fill the gaps in your IT process. Connect with us today!