Pittsburgh IT Project Roadmapping

IT project roadmaps offer a strategic overview of essential parts of a project. Unlike project plans, no one is looking at an IT project roadmap for specific tasks, deadlines, or resource allocation. IT project roadmaps are big picture and tend to be high level in nature.

Information technology (IT) is a business imperative in the world today. Technology has impacted every sector, and for most industries, there are no exceptions. Because of this, strategic IT planning must be an integral part of an organization’s strategic planning into the future.

IT planning encompasses an organization’s leadership, organizational structures and process. This IT planning can help ensure that the organization achieves its strategic goals and objectives throughout each and every year.

The strategic IT plan should reflect the relevance of technology to each of the organization’s strategic business goals, and changes the organization will need to make to its information and communications infrastructure.

An organization’s technology environment must be aligned with its long-term strategic plan, goals and objectives. An organization’s management must recognize the critical role of technology in laying the foundation for and enabling its strategic direction and operational goals.

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