New Malware Attack

Once again the cyber arms race continues to evolve with yet another massive global ransomware attack, called Petya (or NotPetya). Yesterday, our preferred firewall vendor, SonicWall, began tracking a high number of ransomware attacks worldwide. This is not a new malware but a new variant of a known malware; it was reported in the 2017 Annual SonicWall Threat Report and ranked second to only one other threat in the number of infections that were noted in 2016.

Here’s what JENLOR’s customers need to know and communicate to your employees:

  • JENLOR customers using SonicWall security services have had signatures for variants of Petya since March 2016.
  • JENLOR has updated all of our customers Comprehensive Gateway Security Subscriptions to be the latest version.
  • Communicate with your end users to be cautious with any email attachments – both documents and URL’s – that they are not expecting OR do not know the sender’s identity.
  • Continuing to apply windows updates to workstations is also recommended. JENLOR is handling scheduled patch management for servers that are contracted with us for management/monitoring.