Microsoft Internet Explorer Vulnerability

Microsoft Internet Explorer Vulnerability
To our Valued Customers,

Here we go again. Another major security concern that was brought to light on Monday by mainstream media. This is important so please read.

What is it?

It’s a vulnerability within the Internet Explorer web browser. This issue allows remote code execution if users visit a malicious website with an affected browser. Also, if you click on a link in an email or instant message that is sent by a hacker, you are vulnerable to having your system taken over by the hacker. This vulnerability is associated with Adobe Flash player which is used as a plugin for many websites as well as the browser itself.

What do I have to do?

You must update your Adobe flash player to the latest version (links below). Adobe has released a fix. Then you will need to wait for Microsoft to release a patch for Windows. This should be done in the near future, but no date has been set.

You can also use Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or any other browser and avoid using Microsoft Internet Explorer.

As you might suspect, Microsoft will NOT be releasing a fix for Windows XP users. So, this is just another reason to think about updating your systems if you are still running Windows XP.

What has JENLOR done?

    • We are alerting customers to the vulnerability and helping them update their systems with the latest patch from Adobe and will perform Windows updates on servers when the Microsoft patch is available.
    • We are here to assist end users with update to PCs if the technical contact at each customer is unable to perform these updates.
        For more information on this vulnerability, please click on the following links:

Check your Adobe Flash version for

To update Adobe Flash, go here (turn off the Optional Update)

Microsoft should be releasing a patch update soon, when they do we will post a follow-up “In the Loop”. If there is any new information, we will also release that information in a follow-up article.

If you have any specific concerns, please don’t hesitate to call me directly.