Malware Targeting Windows 10 Upgrade

Hello All –

In an effort to continually keep our customers educated on new and emerging computer threats, we are sharing the latest information we’ve received about new malware that is targeting soon-to-be Windows 10 users.

Please be watchful for an email purporting to be from Microsoft with an attachment; the email verbiage claims to include an installer granting users “quick” access to the new Microsoft OS.  The attached executable file is malware similar to the Cryptolocker virus – “ransomware” that encrypts your files, locking the owner out.

As always, if you are suspicious of an email attachment, please forward the email to JENLOR’s service group at  If you have immediate questions, please call service at:

412-220-9330 x 2.

Please forward this communication to your end users – your best defense is education.