What to Look for in Your Managed IT Service Provider

Almost every business in today’s society needs technology to be able to run successfully and smoothly. This compulsory need for technology has resulted in the birth of managed service providers (MSP). An MSP is a company that provides a variety of managed network services, or in other words, is responsible for managing a client’s IT infrastructure remotely. Services offered by these companies include management of a company’s entire IT network services, monitoring networks, network evaluation, designing networks and more.

The various IT network services offered by MSP’s can add great value to your business such as increased productivity, reduced IT expenses and more. Those firms that do not have a well laid out IT strategy may encounter problems such as lost productivity, significant downtime and unchecked costs. For your business to achieve all of these benefits, it must hire the services of reputable and proficient Pittsburgh IT consulting firms. So, what should you look for in your IT managed service provider? Follow along as we explore everything you need to know to make an informed decision.

Experienced and Skillful

You should look to hire the services of an MSP that is both skillful and experienced. These skills and experience should go beyond the offering of basic IT network services and basic network management. Before you sign on with a managed network service provider, ask about their skill levels. How adept are they to handle change? What is their experience with managing a company’s network security? If you want quality services, you must ask questions that go beyond a company’s certifications and the number of employees on their payroll.


What is Their Approach?

The world today is a highly competitive one, and to stay ahead of the competition, the MSP Company you hire should have a proactive service strategy that emphasizes quick and efficient problem prevention. Ask yourself, does the MSP Company employ sophisticated technologies such as advanced analytics that can lead to service improvement? You should also find out if the company is capable of employing high-tech, back-end technology such as incident escalation and sophisticated alert mechanisms.

Performance-Based Agreements

It is important to hire the services of an MSP that is capable of quality service delivery, and one that can back that up with a performance-based agreement. This agreement makes the service provider go a step further to improve service delivery and to become more innovative and proactive.

Does Their Portfolio Match That of Your Business?

When hiring a Pittsburgh IT consulting firm, choose one whose portfolio matches with your type of business. This will ensure that you get quality services with minimal complexities, as the managed network services provider is experienced in your area of expertise. In addition, if you are moving from in-house IT to outsourcing IT services an experienced service provider can help ease your transition while potentially reducing your cost.

The potential benefits of Managed network services can only be obtained when you hire the right service provider. A competent MSP should have the right skills and experience; they should be able to keep up with changing trends in the IT industry and more.

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