Locked PDF Phishing Attack

As of the new year, there are some new phishing/spam campaigns that are on the horizon.  This one is important to read and understand.

These campaigns are not targeted towards the most sophisticated users, they are going after the average user who may not think twice about entering credentials to unlock a PDF.  With this in mind, it puts you at risk when you enter your information and the document is opened, anything you input is transmitted to the spammer and it allows them access to steal your email credentials.    Workstations that use the Adobe PDF reader are cautioned via a warning dialogue, however, Windows 10 by default uses the Edge browser and when Edge opens the PDF, unlike with Adobe, NO warning message is presented.

Be wary of emails from domains that don’t match the content and look for other signs that give these away as scams.  Be alert and keep your “human firewall” on their toes with Security top of mind.

As always, if you think you have been subject to this type of scam, please call us for assistance.