JENLOR’s Managed IT Communication Focus

“When you call, you immediately get someone who can help you.” 

– Frank Schlatterer on JENLOR’s Managed IT Communication Focus. 


Our managed IT communication focus is this – We care about our clients and when calling in, they’re going to get our helpdesk right away. You press two and you’re getting someone who can work on your problem right away. We don’t dump you into a call queue or having somebody take your number and give it to somebody to call you back. Right away you’re dealing with somebody who can help you solve those problems. 


At JENLOR we expand this mindset out to all of our departments, whether you’re dealing with account management, ordering, or whatever the case may be. We are a flexible managed IT services partner for a business who wants to move forward so how could we “move forward” if our departments aren’t connecting with you and helping your needs.


Whether you are a Business Owner, IT Department Manager or a Dual-Role Employee, JENLOR can fill in the gaps in your IT process. We promise to reach beyond managed services and service desk. At JENLOR, we’re all about making IT easy. From our IT consulting services to our IT support services, we deliver on our communication focus. We listen attentively, fix problems, and help your business reach its fullest IT potential. If you’re looking for the best Pittsburgh IT services you’ve come to the right place. 


JENLOR’s managed IT communication focus is an important factor in showing that we take you seriously and want the best for you and your organization. Contact us today and we will show you that you matter!