IT Consulting Customer Experience with JENLOR

“We spend more time with our customers to understand their needs.” – Frank Schlatterer

The IT consulting customer experience with JENLOR is simple. While answering live help desk calls, we take a certain mindset into everything we do. It allows us to treat our customers a little differently than people who treat their customers as a “take a number from the deli counter,” sort of approach. We spend more time with our customers than some of our competitors and we treat those relationships a little differently than we’ve seen in other places. Here’s why:

A Business Built On Service Delivery – Not Just Services

We pride ourselves on unmatched communication skills, friendly service delivery, meticulous attention to detail, and the utmost appreciation for our customers. Today, we continue to build our team based on the philosophy on which we were founded. Over the years, we’ve nurtured a culture of people that love what they do and never forget who’s the boss – our customers.

Without our customers, we wouldn’t be here! We are very grateful they invest in us and that is why we like to make sure we invest in them. Join in on the IT consulting customer experience with JENLOR and let us treat you the way you should be treated. Contact our customer support today!