Is Your IT Killing Your Productivity?

IT Productivity

Technology can bring a world of productivity and ease to your business, but it also comes with many disadvantages. If you don’t use technology wisely, it can become a constant distraction that prevents your business from moving forward. Is Your IT Killing Your Productivity? How can you use technology more effectively? And what are the IT Productivity issues that are holding you back?

Mismanaged IT

Technology is a big part of business these days, and making optimal use of the latest technology is almost always advantageous to a business. However, that technology is really only as good as the personnel who are supporting it. For instance, in the hot-button area of security, IT mismanagement could create dangerous exposure to security breaches, and valuable company data might be compromised. Failure to apply the latest patches might be one simple way that such vulnerability is created, and exploited by an enterprising hacker.

Carrying out projects like software implementations or upgrades could end up costing a company far more money than it should, if sound project management principles are not utilized by the IT department.

Supporting the company network infrastructure in a reliable and effective manner is an absolute must for any business to maintain its reputation for reliability. When it’s not handled in a consistent, appropriate, and professional manner by IT, employees will be far less productive, and the company’s public image will suffer.

Possible Solutions

Your company may not be suffering from poor IT support, but may simply lack the personnel in-house to carry out necessary support for your computing platform. In such cases, your IT service strategy should take into account that remotely managed network services can be a very viable and affordable option. If you don’t already have qualified and talented IT talent in your company, hiring IT services to bridge the personnel gap can be a sound option, both financially and competitively.

With cloud services, offsite backups and even IT disaster recovery managed by an IT consulting firm, your employees are freed up to do what they do best – use their knowledge of the company to help make it stronger and more profitable. Security issues disappear, hardware and software project management are handled by the experts, and your network can achieve greater reliability and performance.

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