Is Microsoft Azure good for small business?

Could Microsoft Azure be the cloud computing solution that helps your small business take your IT infrastructure to the next level?

Microsoft Azure is the number one cloud-based software service for Fortune 500 companies. In fact, 90% of Fortune 500 firms use Microsoft Azure.

Why Do You Need Azure Cloud Services?
There are hundreds of reasons as to why any given business could use Microsoft Azure. Here are a few examples of how Azure can help your small business.

Security and Compliant Storage – All too often, small businesses worry that security upgrades are beyond their budget or IT team’s capabilities. Small businesses can improve their security posture with Azure’s multi-layered security solutions, which combine automated 24/7/365 threat intelligence monitoring with other tools.

Pricing – By investing in Azure, a business can completely forgo having to commit capital to real estate and hardware. With Azure’s extremely reasonable pricing, it just makes no sense for a smaller business to build a data center itself.

Azure Solutions – The platform supports many business needs including ecommerce, big data and analytics, and disaster recovery. You can create your applications or platforms by leveraging azure infrastructure.

The benefits of Azure are long! Azure is secure, scalable, and reliable while giving organizations insight into their data and needs.

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