How To Keep Most Valuable Data Safe & Secure

Large data threats pose serious problems to the security of your information, and your customer’s information. It is vital to keep your business’s data safe and secure. Investing in a high-quality data backup and recovery system is the best way to avoid serious threats and major fallouts. Learn a lesson from Sony and Target, take the time to prepare, and avoid a major data threat.

  • Internal Support

Hire a managed security service provider to care for your company’s internal and external threats. A large percentage of malicious hacks start from within your company’s premises. Internal threats need to be neutralized before you end up with a major hack that costs your company everything. Employees that access company files on mobile devices need to be monitored and secured to prevent problems. Create a file list to identify all the different sensitive data your company has, and which employees have access to it. It is easier to narrow down your list of suspects by compiling access codes and information.

  • Identify Weak Points

When you work with security management services, you will be able to identify the weak points your company is dealing with. You need to learn the weak points to reduce the risk of threats. Most companies have employees that use the same password across the server and others use programs like Dropbox, which are easy for hackers to access. Implement a system of strong password management to ensure your company will not end up having employees reuse passwords. Password management applications are easy to use and make it easy for employees to log into programs without needing to remember difficult passwords.

  • Stay Current

There is never a ticking clock that will tell you when your company is going to be hacked. You must stay current with all your antivirus programs, and server management company requirements. Major threats are released daily, if your company is not protected, you can end up with a serious problem.

  • Externally Operated IT Security Management Services

An important aspect of protecting your data is to work with the right company. Using an externally operated IT security management company is the best way to prevent major threats to your company. Storing expensive and sensitive company information needs to be monitored constantly. Moving the information off-site is a great way to keep the company information safe and secure, and it helps to reduce threats from within the organization. Hire IT Security Management Services to ensure your data is safe and secure and will not put your companies valuable information at-risk.

Ensure that your company’s data is safe and sound and build a safety net for your business with help from the IT security management services from JENLOR. Our IT consulting professionals will create a custom security strategy to keep your company protected, while building a data backup and recovery plan to prevent any information being lost along the way. Call the experts at JENLOR today, and discover how we can help you make IT easy.