How JENLOR Can Help Protect Against Cyber Attacks

protect against cyber attacks

There is no longer a choice to do nothing. By putting in place fundamental cyber defenses, you can safeguard your business and your reputation while preventing your name from being added to the growing list of cyber victims.

JENLOR is here to help you keep yourself and your data protected. This blog will be discussing some of the ways you can protect against cyber attacks.

Disrupting the Attack Strategy

The possibility for reputational harm is reduced by stopping, identifying, or disrupting the attack as soon as possible. Even though the most persistent attackers are typically the ones with the most motivation, they use common tools and approaches since they are less expensive and simpler for them to use. 

With the help of JENLOR, we can help your company implement security policies and procedures that can reduce your chances of being a victim of these common cyber attacks. 

A proper defense-in-depth strategy can also help your company be more resilient to attacks that use more specialized tools and techniques. This reduces the risks from the complete spectrum of possible attacks.

Utilizing Crucial Security Measures to Lessen Your Vulnerability

Fortunately, there are practical and reasonable solutions to lessen the risk that your company may experience from the more typical cyberattacks on systems connected to the Internet. Here at JENLOR we have listed the following security measures and provide you with more details on how to put them into practice:

  • Make sure to establish network perimeter defenses with boundary firewalls and internet gateways. Web proxy, web filtering, content checking, and firewall policies are used to identify and block executable downloads, deny access to known malicious domains, and stop users’ computers from communicating directly with the Internet.
  • Establish and maintain malware defenses to find and react to attacks.
  • Implement a patch management system to address known vulnerabilities in order to fend off attacks that take advantage of them.
  • Implement listing and execution control to prohibit unfamiliar software from being able to execute or install itself.
  • Implement user access controls, including limiting normal users’ execution permissions and upholding the concept of least privilege. 
  • A secure password policy ensures that an appropriate password policy is in place and adhered to.

Whether you have measures in place that are failing to prevent cyber attacks, or if you are ready to set up a plan in case of a cyber attack, JENLOR is here to help. Contact our skilled team of IT professionals to learn how JENLOR can help protect against cyber attacks.