Host Isolation for Smarter Defense

Will you be prepared for the next attack?

Cyber-attacks have become the new standard. It’s no longer a question of “if,” but “when” an attack will occur. Your ability to respond swiftly to a breach can make or break your business and customer relationships.

Leveraging security tools that can isolate hosts automatically when needed can be a valuable piece of a comprehensive security strategy.  This allows responders to plan and conduct repair and recovery measures, while greatly reducing or completely halting malware spread within your network. When an issue occurs outside of normal business hours—a common attack window for hackers and criminal actors—this is an exceptionally useful weapon.

What Is Host Isolation?

Automated host isolation allows us to isolate servers, workstations and other devices from your network, preventing them from communicating with other systems until they are released. Since doing this prohibits lateral movement across other hosts, isolating a systems can be useful for responding to malicious activity or deterring possible assaults.

This is just one of many security tools in our toolkit.  If you’re ready to begin taking meaningful steps to improve your organization’s security posture, contact JENLOR today!