Have I Outgrown My Current IT Provider?

It’s important to ask questions about how your IT provider (whether in-house or remote) is handling aspects of your IT including corporate security. If these questions aren’t answered to your satisfaction, contact us! We’re the leading Pittsburgh IT consulting firm and we can help your business make changes in order to be the most effective moving forward.

Are You Still Using Older Methods of Remote Data Access?

Advances in cloud computing and mobile device management have made older methods of backup & disaster recovery nearly obsolete. Data now moves at the speed of the latest updates at the cloud level, while keeping records of older forms when needed instantaneously. Gone are the days of having to update data redundantly for safety: whether using a public cloud system which is shared, using a private cloud with data distributed over various networks, or even using physical servers as cloud systems, modern data storage and protection is done at an instantaneous level.

How is Data Being Backed Up?

Say goodbye to the days of daily data backups. Now, data is updated across storage levels with backups as it is being created, updated, deleted, or expanded. It is no longer necessary to start over for the day: it is possible to pinpoint potential security issues, data problems and more the minute they occur and correct them instantly. Offsite backups provide for quick, efficient recovery of your data.

The Problem

You know that they’re no longer cutting it, and your company can benefit from a switch. Sure, they might have been a great fit 5 years ago – but you’ve grown and your needs have changed. This should be an exciting opportunity, but the process of moving on is intimidating. You’ve been with this vendor for years and they’re familiar with the ins-and-outs of your system. What if they leave with all that knowledge? What if the break results in security holes from their continued access? And the transition from one vendor to another is not your only concern. It’s been awhile since you’ve had to review IT proposals. Technology has changed, and you’re not an expert. How can you be sure that you understand what you’re buying? You definitely don’t want a misunderstanding to lead to higher costs.

Our Solution

Start with our IT Strategy Call to make the most of your new opportunity. We’ll get to know the nitty-gritty details of your business. And when we’re done, we’ll know you even better than your old vendor. With all that knowledge, the transition will be easy. And because we’ll have a thorough understanding of your IT situation, business goals and budget, you won’t have to sweat about the proposal. It’ll be tailored to your specific needs, and we’ll walk through it with you line by line. You’ll know exactly what you need and exactly what it will take to make it happen. And we promise – you won’t miss your old vendor.