End-of-Life for Server 2003

According to Microsoft, July 14, 2015, they will end extended support on all versions of Windows Server 2003/R2. This is going to push many organizations into a new server very quickly or risk several issues.

What does this mean for me and my organization?

  • No more warranty support or Technical Support from Microsoft.
  • Maintenance Costs – Running legacy servers is expensive. You will have increasing costs maintaining aging hardware due to incompatibilities and lack of technical support from Microsoft.
  • No Updates – There will be no more updates to fix bugs, performance issues and security vulnerabilities. To put this into perspective, 2013 saw the release of 37 critical updates for Windows Server 2003/R2. Past the end of life date, these critical issues will remain unfixed leaving you open to cyber security dangers such as malicious attacks or electronic data loss.
  • No Compliance – Once support ends, your organization will almost certainly fail to meet industry wide compliance standards. Regulations such as HIPAA, PCI, SOX & Dodd-Frank all require regulated industries to run on supported platform.

What do I need to do?

JENLOR will be reaching out to our customers directly that participate in our SERVER MONITORING program, as we are able to identify Server 2003 customers.
There are several customers that DO NOT participate in our Server Monitoring and therefore we do not have a list of Server 2003 servers in the field.  If you are one of these customers please call your Account Manager Caroline Gillespie at 412.220.9330 x117 to start planning your transition.