Why Not to Save Corporate Data On Workstations

One of the main advantages of having a corporate server environment is the ability to store ALL of your data in one place. Typically, servers are redundant, monitored 24×7, patched regularly, and backup up both locally and offsite. For these reasons, your data is much safer in a server environment than on an individual workstation. It never makes sense to backup corporate data to your individual workstation in a corporate environment. The risks of losing this data are too great.
Bottom line, if employees are saving data onto their workstations and not to a drive or share on the server, then that data is not being backed up – unless that specific workstation is being backed up separately as well. Worse yet, if that employee’s laptop is stolen and they have all of their work data saved on that hard drive, how can you recover that?
That’s a risk for your company.
JENLOR recommends a practice of directing employees to save critical data onto a share on the network. With a proper backup strategy, all of that data will then be backed up, reducing headaches later from a crashed workstation hard drive OR a stolen laptop OR other misfortunes that lead to end user downtime and frustration.
We encourage you to revisit the process of where and how your employees are saving data. If you have any questions OR would like to discuss options further, please reach out and we would be happy to consult on the best practices for your organization.