Don’t Save Corporate Data On Your Workstations

The ability to store ALL of your data in one location is one of the main benefits of having a corporate server environment. Servers are typically redundant, monitored 24 hours a day, patched on a regular basis, and backed up both locally and offsite. As a result, data stored on a server is far safer than data stored on a single workstation. In a corporate environment, backing up corporate data to your personal workstation is never a good idea. The dangers of losing this information are far too great.

Bottom line: If employees save data to their workstations rather than a server drive or share, that data is not being backed up unless that specific workstation is also being backed up separately.

Worse yet, what happens if that employee’s laptop is stolen and all of their work data is saved on that hard drive?

That’s a risk for your company.

Employees should be directed to save critical data to a network share, according to JENLOR.

All of that data will be backed up with a proper backup strategy, reducing headaches later due to a crashed workstation hard drive, a stolen laptop, or other misfortunes that cause end user downtime and frustration.

We encourage you to revisit the process of where and how your employees are saving data. If you have any questions OR would like to discuss options further, please reach out to JENLOR today at (412) 220-9330 and we would be happy to consult on the best practices for your organization.