Cutting Costs with Cloud Computing Services

Have you been debating what type of cloud computing software you want to use for your business? The decision over whether to move your IT to the cloud is a frustrating one for many companies However, more than half of organizations are now converting to the cloud finding that it cuts costs and improves productivity. If you have been working with IT consulting in Pittsburgh, you already know what you are paying for IT network management. Talk to your providers about switching to the cloud to find out how it will benefit your organization.

Cutting Costs

Over the course of a few years, several costs have been measured by IT companies to find out how the cloud is changing business. Surprising results show that 88% of cloud users have a major cost savings and boost in profits. How does it boost profits? Cloud computing service providers help a company to focus on other areas instead of only thinking about the IT needs, and dealing with the daily tasks of maintaining and regulating their network.

Using Cloud Storage

Converting to the cloud allows a company to have access to their files whenever they need them. Cloud storage is an important element of a successful company, especially when you need your customers to access files from their home. The cloud is used for a number of things from cloud backup solutions to Office 365 Cloud Services. Using the cloud gives your company the competitive edge of having your business with you no matter when or where.

New Factors from the Cloud

What does the cloud bring to companies that their existing IT network may not have? There are new factors to the ROI equation of the company as the organization migrates their IT management, security and storage to the cloud.

  • Productivity:

    With the power of cloud computing on your organization’s side, your team will be able to access up-to-the-minute information and data to help them get the job done at all hours of the day no matter if they are in the office or out in the field.

  • More Storage Space:

    Rather than worrying about running out of space on your network’s private computers, the cloud opens up almost limitless amounts of space to store and backup your company’s most valuable data to ensure its safe, sound and available at a moment’s notice.

  • Improved Focus:

    Without needing to worry about navigating time-consuming IT issues and obstacles, you’ll find your employers are getting more done and putting more effort into growing your organization’s bottom line.

Cost Savings from the Cloud

One of the primary reasons so many small businesses are switching to the cloud is for the extensive financial benefits it can provide to companies of all shapes and sizes. For example, cloud computing allows companies to avoid investing in expensive hardware and software only to replace the program a year later when a new update is made available. Working with a cloud service provider, your company is guaranteed access to the latest technologies without ever having to up your investment. And if a problem were to ever occur in your cloud network, managed network services provide around the clock support to keep your network running as smoothly as can be.

Companies offering IT consulting in Pittsburgh will be able to teach you about the importance of the cloud and what it means for your company. Keep you organization on top of the latest IT trends and technologies with help from the IT network management pros at JENLOR Integrations. From in-depth consultations to network management and storage solutions, JENLOR makes managing your company’s IT easier than ever with comprehensive solutions tailor made to meet your organization’s needs. Take control over your company’s IT network management and contact JENLOR today.