Changes At JENLOR

We have another new staff member here at JENLOR and are re-positioning Chris Luikart into a new role.

Caroline Gillespie- Senior Account Manager

Caroline handles daily account management responsibilities for our clients with a focus on their short and long-term strategic development. Her primary role is to keep our customers engaged and on-track.   This industry requires constant attention to IT development, which means regularly meeting with clients to analyze their needs. As such, Caroline and Don work closely together unraveling the various options that best fit our client’s needs.  She has served in various Account Management roles over the years, most recently with Apple working with local business accounts. Caroline is a native of Scott Twp., but now calls Mt. Lebanon home.  She attended St. Mary’s College at Notre Dame.  She loves being outdoors, enjoys spending time with her family and reading whenever she finds time.

Chris Luikart-Director of Operations

We have promoted Chris to Director of Operations. The Operations role is a new position for JENLOR and one that adds another layer of support to our customers.  The primary role of this position is to develop and support operations that result in better service. Chris will be formulating new policies, supporting existing policies, managing daily activities, and supervising human resource initiatives.  Chris will still play an integral role in supporting our customers on a daily basis — he will be visible, accessible, and relied upon even more.  This new position will be instrumental for JENLOR as we further our effort to be a customer-centered organization.  Chris has a B.A. from Marshall University and an MBA from Seton Hall University. He and his wife live in Westmoreland Country with their daughter.  He is active within his community politics and volunteers for a variety of organizations.

New Faces At JENLOR

We have added some new staff in the past few months and wanted to introduce them to you and let you know what their roles are at JENLOR.

Matt Lang-Network Engineer 

Matt works closely with Josh and Chris Schoen on the Helpdesk team.  Matt spends most of his time on the phone with JENLOR’s clients and vendors supporting a broad range of technical issues. Matt is always pushing for problem resolution that may involve vendor coordination or reassignment to a field engineer. He has acquired a wide range of skills that enable him to be the first and last responder, and he patiently handles calls using outstanding customer service skills. Matt is a lifelong resident of Beaver County and a graduate of ITT Tech.   He is recently married and likes to spend time with his family, or sneaking out to go fishing.

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Microsoft Internet Explorer Vulnerability Patch

As promised, I are reaching out to you again as Microsoft has released their patch for the Internet Explorer vulnerability.  The good news is that Microsoft has decided to push the patch to Windows XP systems also.

What is it?

Microsoft has released their latest patch to fix the vulnerability in Internet Explorer.

What do I have to do?

Microsoft automatically pushed out the patch via Windows update.  You should have received the patch overnight and if you have updates turned on to automatically install, the patch would have installed and possibly restarted your computer.  If you do not have automatic updates turned on, you will need to run the updates on your computer manually.
Use this link below for help if you need to run updates manually:

For additional information on the specific path, please see the link below:

As always, we are here to help, so if you need any assistance please give us a call for Service and Support.  If you have any specific concerns, please don’t hesitate to call me directly.

Microsoft Internet Explorer Vulnerability

Microsoft Internet Explorer Vulnerability
To our Valued Customers,

Here we go again. Another major security concern that was brought to light on Monday by mainstream media. This is important so please read.

What is it?

It’s a vulnerability within the Internet Explorer web browser. This issue allows remote code execution if users visit a malicious website with an affected browser. Also, if you click on a link in an email or instant message that is sent by a hacker, you are vulnerable to having your system taken over by the hacker. This vulnerability is associated with Adobe Flash player which is used as a plugin for many websites as well as the browser itself.

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Heartbleed Bug OpenSSL Vulnerability

What is it?

Heartbleed is a recently uncovered security bug that is scaring internet users. Internet and security experts are warning people that their personal information, such as passwords, credit card information and emails are at risk.

The Heartbleed bug affects any sites and services running OpenSSL, an open-source encryption technology that is used in most web servers, VPN connections and email servers.

What do I have to do?

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