Combatting Work from Home Security Threats

Work from Home Security Awareness Series: People are the Problem

With So Many People Working from Home for the First Time, Unfamiliarity Can Lead to Potential Cyber Issues

On Thursday, March 19th, Governor Tom Wolf ordered all non-life-sustaining businesses in Pennsylvania to close their physical locations to help slow the spread of COVID-19. This can be a daunting time for companies as they move to work-from-home solutions, but it’s what has to be done in these trying times to ensure the safety of employees and the general public.

Work From Home Cyber Threats

For hackers, this is a dream come true! They’ve quickly realized that companies have moved their offices to staff homes in a matter of days, but likely didn’t take the proper safety and security measures when connecting online. End users are the weak link in network security, and in order to administer the appropriate security measures, they must be trained by experts in the field.

Simple, Low Cost Work From Home Security Awareness

KnowBe4 is an incredible tool that you and your employees can utilize to receive ongoing training. Cyber threats are ever changing and becoming more sophisticated. That’s why it is important for employers and employees to remain vigilant. One simple click could provide access to your company’s data.

Kevin Mitnick, once on the FBI’s Most Wanted list for cyber crimes has become a trusted security consultant. He creates training modules and videos to ensure employees understand the intricacies of spam, phishing, spear-phishing, malware, ransomeware and social engineering. All of these threats are increased with the sudden move to work from home situations.

Consider KnowBE4 for Combatting Work from Home Cyber Threats

At JENLOR, we STRONGLY encourage our clients to implement KnowBe4 training with all their employees. With the move to work from home, plus the FBI reporting geometric growth of online threats using the Covid-19 pandemic as a way to trick work from home staff into clicking on fake links.

KnowBe4 cyber threat training is an inexpensive solution that can help you avoid very expensive problems! Best of all, JENLOR can implement the solution for your company remotely. Contact us today to learn more about this excellent resource for work from home employees.

Contact us or call (412) 220-9330 now to schedule a strategy call to discuss KnowBe4 Work from Home cyber threat training and other resources to protect your company’s data.

How to Slow the Spread of COVID-19 through Managed IT Services

The rapid spread of the virus that causes COVID-19 has sparked alarm worldwide. The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared this rapidly spreading coronavirus outbreak a pandemic, and many countries are grappling with a rise in confirmed cases. In the US, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is advising people to be prepared for disruptions to daily life that will be necessary if the coronavirus spreads within communities.

In the case of viral outbreaks like COVID-19, or any kind of disaster that prevents people from entering their workplace, managed services and cloud computing help ensure that time is not lost on projects, keeping your business growing.

Cloud Based Business Infrastructure

Many businesses are moving their infrastructure to a cloud network of some sorts. Whether they are utilizing a hybrid deployment with an on-site datacenter, or fully migrating out to a cloud solution, it has become apparent that the cloud is not just some trend.

Especially as internet speeds continue to improve and high speeds become more accessible to more people, utilizing cloud servers becomes the more economic choice rather than managing expensive data centers on premises.

IT Services

Implemented correctly, IT is your greatest ally. In the era of Cloud computing and cybersecurity, it’s quite common to become overwhelmed with options – server design, backup policies, and security solutions. Most importantly, how will you maintain these systems? At JENLOR, we empower our clients to realize their vision for the future by untangling their complex IT challenges. Backed by a team of passionate people, our in-depth service delivery enables our team to do the heavy lifting so our clients can focus on what they do best.

Why Used Managed Services?

Alongside the use of cloud databases, more and more businesses are turning to the use of managed services to handle their IT needs, including the upkeep and troubleshooting for how their cloud services are used. There are numerous reasons why companies but for most, it comes down to a matter of cost.

Can Technology Help To Slow the Spread of the Coronavirus?

With the benefits of managed services and cloud networks established, that still leaves the query of how they help with preventing the spread of Coronavirus, or any disease for that matter. While these things are influences on how a business operates on a technological level, what they allow for is an ability to make a work environment more mobile.

This is where the help comes in.

By allowing work to be done remotely, be it from home, or some other location, several factors come into play that help managed services slow the spread of Coronavirus.

  • If anyone were to become infected, they are not bringing it to the office, and risking infecting others.
  • When business resumes in the office, that means that it will not be a contaminated zone that will infect others.
  • The use of cloud services means that people can work effectively from home as there is no loss of access to critical data or files.
  • The advancement of communications technology allows for coworkers to continue to interface with one another and any potential clients
  • If there is a problem with someone working remote, your managed service provider can use remote access to assist with, and potentially solve the problem.

Utilizing these abilities can keep your business safe from infection and allows for you to have a plan to conduct business in the case of any future emergencies.

There is still a lot of information coming out about COVID-19 and a lot more that needs to be done to contain it.

With new cases arising every day, it is important that we all do our part to ensure that safe precautions are taken to prevent people from becoming infected. Using the technology, we have at our disposal, we can do so without sacrificing our jobs, ensuring that we can keep our livelihoods, and our businesses intact.

Top Reasons You Need A Managed IT Services Provider

Managed It Services Provider

If you’ve researched methods of taking care of your IT needs, you’ve probably come across the term “managed services,” “managed IT” or “managed network services.” What is it—and do you need it?

Managed It Services Providers can be generally defined as outsourcing day-to-day management responsibilities for improving operations and cutting expenses. When it comes to technology, it’s, more specifically, the outsourcing of continual monitoring and day-to-day administrative duties of your IT infrastructure. Basic services often start with a monitoring service which notifies you of problems, but you resolve them on your own. More hands on services cover everything from alerts through problem resolution.

How do you know if your organization could benefit from managed network services? The best way to determine if you’ll cut costs is to know what you are currently paying for your IT’s upkeep—and then comparing that to an estimate from a reputable managed network services provider.

If you’ve experienced any one or more of these signs, then Managed Network Services might be right for you:

1. Let us do the heavy lifting with your IT

Many small to medium sized businesses have IT needs that will quickly overwhelm the time and skills of the unlucky staff member who isn’t an IT professional but just happens to be the tech-savviest person around. Many business owners find themselves in a tough position trying to keep a handle on technology while also running their business.

Even if this task is delegated to someone else, it still means someone on your staff is spending a significant amount of time fixing IT problems rather than being productive at their job. And they probably don’t have the time or tech knowledge to plan for the future of your IT—dooming you to a continually reactive cycle that never prepares you for future growth, challenges, or demands on your network.

When you hire your own IT staff, there are also challenges scheduling around vacation, training, and illness. Using managed IT services with JENLOR provides full time IT coverage and vacations, illness, and other absences don’t affect your support.

2. Your IT professional is swamped with everyday tasks—and things are falling through the cracks.

Is your IT person on top of your software licensing? Are your security updates and upgrades being run continually on all your computers, server, and other devices? Even a single seasoned professional can be overrun with work that keeps piling up, and the biggest culprit is the everyday management and monitoring tasks that get delayed and shunted to the side when a bigger or higher priority issue comes up.

If your IT professional needs help with the daily tasks in order to concentrate on the more important projects, managed services can supplement resources you already have.

3. Being proactive rather than reactive when it comes to your IT Services

If you currently work with an IT company, take a look at your “it broke and they fixed it” history with them. Is your server going down repeatedly because no one detected one of its hard drives was going bad? Are you continually paying for someone to come on-site and fix little problems with your employees’ computers?

The hassles you experience with break/fix IT work can be reduced with managed services. Continuous remote monitoring and maintenance can detect problems, notify IT professionals, and have issues fixed before they ever cause a computer to blue screen or a server to crash. Sometimes all it takes is avoiding a bill for eight hours of server work for your managed services contract to pay for itself.

For these and other reasons, Managed Network Services  with JENLOR are an attractive option for many organizations. It’s a decision that should be an integral part of your overall business strategy, involving senior executives and key IT staff.

If you are interested in finding out more about the business advantages of using managed network services, contact an JENLOR representative. As an experienced managed service provider, JENLOR can take a look at the history of IT issues you’ve experienced and begin to assist you today. Contact us!

Managed Security Services

What is Managed Security Services?

JENLOR offers managed security services for the oversight and administration of a company’s security processes. We offer a wide range of security services, from setting up infrastructure through security management or incident response.

Organizations choose to work with MSSPs like us for a variety of reasons; often this decision is driven by a lack of in-house resources or expertise for certain areas of security or the need for security monitoring and management outside of normal operating hours. In other cases, organizations will hire managed security service providers to conduct security audits or respond to and investigate incidents.

What are the Advantages to Hiring a Managed Security Services Provider?

The primary benefit of managed security services is the security expertise and additional staffing we provide. The ability for JENLOR to manage security processes from an off-site location allows enterprises to conduct business as usual with minimal intrusion due to security initiatives, while our interface maintains a constant line of communication and seamless reporting to the business. We ensure that enterprise IT is always up-to-date with the status of security issues, audits, and maintenance, enabling the hiring organization to focus on security governance rather than administrative tasks.

There are a wide range of security services being offered by JENLOR today, from full outsourcing of security programs to specialized services that focus on a specific component of the enterprise’s security (such as threat monitoring, data protection, management of network security tools, regulatory compliance, or incident response and forensics). By outsourcing security, enterprises are often able to realize cost savings by eliminating the need to maintain a fully staffed, full-time, on-site IT security department. Many organizations also turn to JENLOR for faster deployment times and improved time-to-value on security investments.

Contact JENLOR today to setup a strategy call! We are IT Made Easy.

7 Benefits of Managed IT Service Providers

You’re always hearing about the hype surrounding a new item, like the latest iPhone. For the business and IT world, the latest spotlight is on managed IT services. Around the globe, small and medium companies are partnering with managed service providers, to support their growing IT needs, which is driving the expected growth of managed services to more than $190 billion by 2021.

The question is, what’s motivating companies to use a managed service provider for managed IT? We’ve uncovered 7 benefits of managed IT service providers:

#1 Implements a Cost-Effective Opportunity

For all businesses, one of the most enticing benefits of managed IT services is they avoid expanding their IT staff. Adding more team members can expensive undertaking when compared to the fees JENLOR charges for our services.

#2 Improves Workplace Efficiency

A benefit of hiring JENLOR as your managed service provider is that we cite how we improve workplace efficiency and productivity. With a secure, stable network and fewer help desk tickets, staff and IT departments can do more with their time in the office.

#3 Lends a Hands in Expert Advice

While some IT departments have pros in cloud computing, they may be empty-handed when it comes to mobile device management. Benefits of managed IT service provider gives businesses direct access to a community of experts in a range of subject matter areas.

#4 Decreases Costly Downtime and Breaches

Security breaches and extensive downtime can turn expensive fast. Businesses with managed service providers avoid these financial risks by receiving consistent updates to their network as well as risk assessments and fast responses when their network goes offline.

#5 No More IT Department Limits

Every IT department has their limit, whether it’s time or skill. That’s why, for some companies, it isn’t a question of, “Why should we use a managed service provider?”. Instead, it’s a given, since their IT team is overwhelmed with responsibilities. This benefit of hiring a managed IT service provider allows you to reach new heights.

#6 Provides Proactive Access to IT

Another benefit of managed IT service provider is these providers take proactive access to IT, ensuring networks, mobile devices, and cloud services are up-to-date in maintenance, security patches and more.

#7 Enhances Services and Customer Relationships

Boosting customer relations is one answer to the question, “Why choose a managed service provider?” When managed service providers eliminate or minimalize the downtime of their client’s services — whether it’s their online store or VoIP phone system — they enhance that client’s relationship with their customers, which can lead to more sales.

JENLOR: Pittsburgh’s Managed IT Service Provider

With the numerous benefits of managed IT services, it’s unlikely the hype around it will die down. Interested in learning more about why businesses use a managed service provider?  Contact JENLOR today and allow us to share that our customer-focused group of IT professionals are on your side.

Why an IT Service Plan Matters

“Running a business without an IT Plan is like sailing a ship without a rudder.” 

– Frank Schlatterer


As a business owner, you know you have an IT department, but you may not fully understand what it does. Sure, you know that it is important and you’d like to be more involved, but you’ve got enough on your plate – so you rely on your team to make IT-related decisions. And since you’re not in the trenches, you’re not always sure where your budget is going. It’s like you’re moving a ship forward, but do you know that you’re moving in the right direction? If you don’t have a strategic IT service plan, then you’re not taking steps towards strategizing for the future!


How Does JENLOR Develop A Strategic IT Service Plan?

JENLOR works with its clients typically starting with a True Network Evaluation. We’ll spend half a day to a day onsite with a client digging in the best we can into all the individual pieces of their network. From there we will gather as much information as we can and head back to the office. Once we digest all of the information we gathered, we put it into a very readable format for the client so they are better able to understand. When presenting the plan for an organization, JENLOR grades them on some key metrics that they can use to assess their posture as an organization.


You need a partner who can make sense of your IT department and help create an IT Service Plan for you. JENLOR can fill that advisory role with our Pittsburgh IT consulting services. We can identify what you have now, what you need, and what it looks like from a budget perspective. We’re not an IT project company – we’re a forward-thinking IT partner that understands the big picture of IT impacts HR, finances, and basic day-to-day operations. Contact us today and let us help you create a plan you’ll understand.

Benefit of Working with Managed IT Provider: JENLOR

“We’re able to leverage our knowledge to solve any IT situation.” – Frank Schlatterer


A benefit of working with managed IT provider, JENLOR, includes us being around since 2001! Bill Peters and Don Garrett surveyed the IT landscape and noticed a gap between what customers wanted and what they needed. While many businesses could greatly benefit from integrated, comprehensive IT services – few were willing to or even knew where to start. What they needed was a partner to help them understand and show them the way. Thus the creation of JENLOR. Using their wives’ names (Jennifer and Lori) to form their identity, Bill and Don developed a purely customer-centered business plan – focused on service 1st and technology 2nd. 


They then answered the challenge of assembling a uniquely qualified team, which would form the foundation of their future success. It wasn’t easy, but they pulled it off. Frank Schlatterer has had the privilege of being with JENLOR since 2005. Ever since then, he’s had the chance to see a lot of the company’s evolution from where they’ve started to where they are at today. He says, “We have a lot of structure we didn’t have in the past.”


Besides gaining experience from being around for almost two decades, another benefit of working with managed IT provider JENLOR includes us evolving as a company. This means we can better leverage the sum of knowledge of our staff; both inside the department and as a group. This allows people who have certain skill sets in their respective disciplines to focus on what their best at, but also offering that knowledge to people outside of the department when needed.


Let us share our knowledge with you and help your organization grow! Connect with us today by going to our contact page.

IT Consulting Customer Experience with JENLOR

“We spend more time with our customers to understand their needs.” – Frank Schlatterer

The IT consulting customer experience with JENLOR is simple. While answering live help desk calls, we take a certain mindset into everything we do. It allows us to treat our customers a little differently than people who treat their customers as a “take a number from the deli counter,” sort of approach. We spend more time with our customers than some of our competitors and we treat those relationships a little differently than we’ve seen in other places. Here’s why:

A Business Built On Service Delivery – Not Just Services

We pride ourselves on unmatched communication skills, friendly service delivery, meticulous attention to detail, and the utmost appreciation for our customers. Today, we continue to build our team based on the philosophy on which we were founded. Over the years, we’ve nurtured a culture of people that love what they do and never forget who’s the boss – our customers.

Without our customers, we wouldn’t be here! We are very grateful they invest in us and that is why we like to make sure we invest in them. Join in on the IT consulting customer experience with JENLOR and let us treat you the way you should be treated. Contact our customer support today!

JENLOR’s Managed IT Communication Focus

“When you call, you immediately get someone who can help you.” 

– Frank Schlatterer on JENLOR’s Managed IT Communication Focus. 


Our managed IT communication focus is this – We care about our clients and when calling in, they’re going to get our helpdesk right away. You press two and you’re getting someone who can work on your problem right away. We don’t dump you into a call queue or having somebody take your number and give it to somebody to call you back. Right away you’re dealing with somebody who can help you solve those problems. 


At JENLOR we expand this mindset out to all of our departments, whether you’re dealing with account management, ordering, or whatever the case may be. We are a flexible managed IT services partner for a business who wants to move forward so how could we “move forward” if our departments aren’t connecting with you and helping your needs.


Whether you are a Business Owner, IT Department Manager or a Dual-Role Employee, JENLOR can fill in the gaps in your IT process. We promise to reach beyond managed services and service desk. At JENLOR, we’re all about making IT easy. From our IT consulting services to our IT support services, we deliver on our communication focus. We listen attentively, fix problems, and help your business reach its fullest IT potential. If you’re looking for the best Pittsburgh IT services you’ve come to the right place. 


JENLOR’s managed IT communication focus is an important factor in showing that we take you seriously and want the best for you and your organization. Contact us today and we will show you that you matter!

What is Ransomware?

Ransomware is a classification of software that we’ve typically seen encrypting data in a client’s network. How it works is like this: you would get an infection in your organization, the people who wrote this software would go in and encrypt your data, which essentially put a padlock on your data, and then dangle the key in front of you with a ransom and say, “You need to pay us this amount of money if you’d like to unlock your data and be able to access it again.”

So obviously that’s been a very problematic infection and it’s become very popular. It’s made its rounds these last few years in the form of a crypto wall, cryptolocker, and a few other similar infections. We suggest four steps to stay on top of your game to make sure this doesn’t happen to you.

Antivirus Software and a Firewall

It is important to use antivirus software and firewalls from a reputable source. If your antivirus software and firewalls are not from a reputable source, your business and data are already at a disadvantage for when people attempt to infect your organization. It is also important to maintain both of these through automatic updates. Updates for software and firewalls are due to the ever-changing tactics that hackers are using. If your software is not updated, then it allows hackers an easier way to infect your business.

Enable Popup Blockers

Popups are used by criminals to spread malicious software because it is very easy for someone to accidently click on a popup because they were trying to do something, and the popup occurred where they were already clicking. To avoid clicks, accidental or otherwise, on or within popups, it’s best to prevent them from appearing in the first place.

Always Have Backups

If you backup and maintain offline copies of your data, Ransomware scams will have limited impact. If you have copies of all of your data in a different location, then the amount of leverage that the Ransomware conductor has on your business will be greatly limited or even eliminated.

Be Skeptical

Don’t click on any emails, files or attachments you don’t recognize and avoid any suspicious websites altogether. Deleting and reporting emails that seem untrustworthy will be critical in stopping the spread of an infection. People can make mistakes and informing people quickly of possible malware links will help reduce the impact if someone were to click on a link.

Through managed backups, we’ve been able to help clients through these infections altogether. Let JENLOR help you stop Ransomware before it affects your business. Contact us today!