What is Ransomware?

What is Ransomware

Ransomware is a classification of software that we’ve typically seen encrypting data in a client’s network. How it works is like this: you would get an infection in your organization, the people who wrote this software would go in and encrypt your data, which essentially put a padlock on your data, and then dangle the key in front of you with a ransom and say, “You need to pay us this amount of money if you’d like to unlock your data and be able to access it again.”

So obviously that’s been a very problematic infection and it’s become very popular. It’s made its rounds these last few years in the form of a crypto wall, cryptolocker, and a few other similar infections. We suggest four steps to stay on top of your game to make sure this doesn’t happen to you.

Antivirus Software and a Firewall

It is important to use antivirus software and firewalls from a reputable source. If your antivirus software and firewalls are not from a reputable source, your business and data are already at a disadvantage for when people attempt to infect your organization. It is also important to maintain both of these through automatic updates. Updates for software and firewalls are due to the ever-changing tactics that hackers are using. If your software is not updated, then it allows hackers an easier way to infect your business.

Enable Popup Blockers

Popups are used by criminals to spread malicious software because it is very easy for someone to accidently click on a popup because they were trying to do something, and the popup occurred where they were already clicking. To avoid clicks, accidental or otherwise, on or within popups, it’s best to prevent them from appearing in the first place.

Always Have Backups

If you backup and maintain offline copies of your data, Ransomware scams will have limited impact. If you have copies of all of your data in a different location, then the amount of leverage that the Ransomware conductor has on your business will be greatly limited or even eliminated.

Be Skeptical

Don’t click on any emails, files or attachments you don’t recognize and avoid any suspicious websites altogether. Deleting and reporting emails that seem untrustworthy will be critical in stopping the spread of an infection. People can make mistakes and informing people quickly of possible malware links will help reduce the impact if someone were to click on a link.

Through managed backups, we’ve been able to help clients through these infections altogether. Let JENLOR help you stop Ransomware before it affects your business. Contact us today!

A Common Mistake when Moving to the Cloud

Move to the cloud

The Cloud is talked about frequently among many people today, but do you know what it really is? According to Vox.com, “The Cloud refers to software and services that run on the Internet, instead of locally on your computer…The advantage of the Cloud is that you can access your information on any device with an Internet connection.” While this sounds great and you might be getting ready to make the switch right now for your company, there are a few things to consider before making the conversion. JENLOR lists out the top two common mistakes when moving to the Cloud. 


First, if you are thinking that a move to the Cloud is a cure for all problems within your internal infrastructure, as well as the idea that if you move to the Cloud it will make all those problems go away, you are mistaken. A lot of times the move to the Cloud is the right decision for a business, and we make that recommendation often, but by itself it does not solve all problems. Think about it first and learn how the Cloud would work best for your company. Moving to the Cloud does not have to be something to rush into. If you do not know how it works, it could cause unnecessary short-term problems and stresses.

Poor Planning

Second, if you haven’t planned properly and done your due diligence to ensure that you’re doing it in a measured fashion, a move to the Cloud can simply be moving your IT problems from an area where they are now to an unfamiliar place. This is the second common mistake when moving to the Cloud because you are not taking the appropriate look at third-party vendors and other prerequisites for your business. The major item that your business needs to look at before the change is the workflow required for making a move to the Cloud. Without proper preparation, it can potentially get you into serious trouble.

Plan accordingly if you’re interested in making the switch to the Cloud. JENLOR has all the expertise in this area and can help walk you make the right decision and walk you through the appropriate steps. We want to help make this transition as easy as possible for your business or organization. If you have any questions or concerns about the Cloud, contact us today!

The Benefit of a Managed Service Provider

Is JENLOR going to replace my IT Department?

JENLOR wont come in and replace an IT team. We will work in unison with your team to fill any gaps that you may have.

What is the biggest benefit when working with a Managed Service Provider?

The proactive support and depth of knowledge you get with a team of support specialists. This includes:

  • Account Management Team
  • Help Desk Team
  • Project Team
  • Network Operations Team

With an expert support specialists and technological infrastructure, a trusted Managed Service Provider like JENLOR can dramatically improve the efficiency of your company’s overall Managed IT operations. As a Managed IT Service Provider, JENLOR can provide your company with a wide variety of IT solutions that are also scalable to meet company growth needs. We can recommend and implement the specific managed IT services your company will need currently and into the future.

Managed IT Support with Strategy

With a reliable Managed Service Provider, your IT staff can once again focus on strategy and not stay stuck in the trenches alone. With JENLOR as your IT partner and advisor, your company can more effectively strategize how to utilize your IT assets to achieve your business goals. Our proven expertise can help guide you on how to most effectively utilize IT within your business resources. JENLOR offers  24/7 Help Desk support, improving the reliability of your company’s IT operations allowing you to focus on your business.

Cybersecurity For Your Business

Nothing strikes larger fear for many small businesses than the nightmare scenario of their network being hacked and sensitive data being corrupted or stolen. A reliable IT Managed Service Provider offers your company layers of the latest cybersecurity protection through firewalls, applications, monitoring, filtering, and other protective measures. JENLOR has the technology and expertise to keep hackers out or to quickly rid the system of their presence if they manage to penetrate the layered defenses. As noted below, even if cybercriminals do somehow overcome these formidable cybersecurity defenses, an JENLOR will also provide robust back-ups of our clients critical data and applications to ensure the continuity of business operations.

Peace of Mind Through Back-Ups

Through its emphasis on the important services of Back-ups, Disaster Recovery, and Business Continuity JENLOR offers your company what it wants most: peace of mind! With these services your management team and employees can rest easy at night knowing that all your important data and business applications are comprehensively backed-up at a secure remote location. In the event of a harmful man-made or natural event, an MSP can quickly restore operations with backed-up data and applications and ensure that your business will not suffer the consequences from costly downtime.

JENLOR is a flexible managed IT services partner for businesses who want to move forward. Now that you know what an IT Managed Service Provider can do to benefit your business, contact JENLOR today!

First Step With A Managed Services Provider

As a managed services provider, the first step that JENLOR takes with a new company is for members of our team, Bill Peters and Ardie Ball, to go and do an on-site evaluation of your business. Bill and Ardie will do an exhaustive interview process to learn more about your businesses unique network needs and evaluate the existing network design. They’ll inventory infrastructure, test systems, identify hidden technical issues, and uncover opportunities for untapped productivity. And not to worry – this onsite process does not affect day-to-day operations, nor does it come with any obligations.

Managed Services Provider

At JENLOR, we like to find pain points in your environment and determine how you utilize your network. We will provide you with an up to date network that is completely centered around your business’s needs. The network is what we focus on. Therefore, we provide a network design that is up to date, under warranty, patched, configured properly, and has enough resources for you. No business ever wants to be in a situation where they don’t have enough memory, processing power, or the hard drive capability to run your business operations effectively. We make it a point to ensure that you do not run into pain point issues. We are a managed service provider for networks and this is our specialty.

From this point, we evaluate further how end users utilize your systems. Before we make a proposal, we determine what IT assets your business has, how your business manages IT, and if there are any improvements that we see within the existing network design. If we are unable to uncover the full scope of the project to give an accurate proposal, we would run a True Network Evaluation. After the True Network Evaluation, we will return for a second meeting to present a proposal and answer any other questions you might have.

At JENLOR, we’re all about making IT easy. From our IT consulting services to our IT support services, we deliver on our IT Made Easy promise. We listen attentively, fill the gaps, fix problems and help your business reach its fullest IT potential. If you’re looking for the best Pittsburgh managed services provider, you’ve come to the right place. Contact us today.

Why Move to the Cloud

There is an incredible buzz about the cloud. What is it? How can the cloud help your business? Why move to the cloud? Continue reading to learn about the cloud and how it can help your business.

What is the Cloud?

The cloud provides security and data protection. The cloud refers to software and services that run on the internet, instead of locally on your computer. The cloud can utilize workspace as a service. The power of the cloud on to anyone, anywhere, and on any device. Whether you need high performance storage, standard or cold storage, we’ve got the cloud closet of your dreams.

More options for Mobile Workforce:

Having the cloud allows businesses to capitalize on the mobile workforce. The cloud enables workers to access the company information on any device as long as the device has an internet connection. This allows for staff to be able to work primarily outside of the office.

Allows Companies to Work in a More Efficient Fashion:

The cloud is able to help companies become more efficient through reducing the amount of paper documents that have to be transferred. It can also reduce cost and set the business apart from their competition through cutting the time necessary to deliver a product or service to their customers.

Should I Move to the Cloud?:Move to the cloud

JENLOR will do a cloud feasibility test and perform a True Network Evaluation

Moving to the cloud doesn’t have to be all in:

  • You can update your server environment, email, and backups. We have so many different cloud plans that you can choose which plan fits your companies need best.

Reduce Costs:

  • When you shift to cloud computing, you will only pay for the services procured. If you don’t have to pay for features you don’t use, you can easily and quickly cost unnecessary costs.


  • The cloud service give you and your employees the flexibility to work from any location. Employees can complete their tasks at home or from the field

No Need for a Backup:

  • Traditional computing systems require back up plans. Permanent data loss can happen if no backup storage is in place. With the cloud, data will always be available with internet. Therefore, some businesses use the cloud a backup program.

Data Security:

  • Sometimes storing data on the cloud is safer than storing it on physical servers in your office. Breaching the security measures on clouding platforms is very difficult and less likely than a breach on physical servers.

We offer cloud in every shape and size, plus storage service to meet the most demanding performance and compliance requirements out there. If you have any more questions about why to move to the cloud or to sign up contact JENLOR today!

How End of Life for Windows 7 Could Impact Your Business

Are you currently using Windows 7? Did you know that after January 14, 2020, Microsoft will no longer provide security updates or support for PCs or desktops running Windows 7?

What is End of Life?

End of life is the phrase that Microsoft uses to identify the period when the company will no longer support an operating system or application. This means that on January 14th, 2020, Microsoft will move on from Windows 7 never updating or patching security issues again. This usually means that bots, worms and hackers will try to infiltrate and do as much damage as they can. Windows 7 will be vulnerable in a short period of time.

How many people are still using Windows 7?

You might be surprised to learn that Windows 10 only recently became the most popular Window version in the world at the end of the fourth quarter of 2018, taking the crown from Windows 7. At that time, Windows 10 captured 39% of market share, compared to 37% for Windows 7, according to Net Applications. To put that into perspective, there are more than 1 billion Windows users around the world. We anticipate hundreds of millions of people are going to be affected by this change.

What does this mean for your business?windows 7

JENLOR works directly with businesses to inventory computer work stations in an effort to keep companies safe. Cyber security is something that should be taken seriously and without the proper knowledge and experience, you could be putting your business at risk.

There are two ways JENLOR can help you:

  • Upgrade the operating system to Windows 10.
    • We recommend that if your operating system is under 3 years old, to buy the software and upgrade to Windows 10.
  • Buy a new computer system.
    • If your computers are greater than 3 years old, we recommend your computers be upgraded. Based on your business needs, we can upgrade your computers in waves or all at once.

Contact us today to setup a free consultation to begin to make steps towards a secure computer work station beyond January 14, 2020.

Assessing IT Needs? Avoid Confusion with a True Network Evaluation

From JENLOR customer Alan S. –

The True Network Evaluation was a great experience. I didn’t have to wade through proposals trying to understand the differences, including price variances. I didn’t end up buying something that wasn’t a fit. It gave me confidence to move forward knowing that we had a well-sketched IT plan behind us.

– Alan S.,Oil and Gas Company

You’ve heard the saying, “Don’t put the cart before the horse” – so why would you try to overcome your IT challenges, before you understand what’s causing them?

Every year, technology changes, and so does your business. As technology advances, you might feel like you’re falling behind and as your business grows, you may need more from your technology. You live these challenges every day. Sometimes it takes an outside perspective to discover new opportunities – and see your situation in a new light.

That’s exactly what we do. Our unique True Network Evaluation (TNE) is designed to analyze and identify your IT strengths and weaknesses. From there, we put together a plan to help move your business forward. The TNE is for businesses, like yours, who want to get the most out of their technology. To do that, we uncover and break down the barriers that are holding you back.

From JENLOR Customer Terri B. –

When we first met for a consultation with JENLOR, our single technician IT system needed an overhaul. We were searching for efficiency and moving away from a single IT tech situation because our practice was growing and becoming extremely reliant on consistency through IT. We were reluctant to take the next step but JENLOR has come through for us and saved us so much in the long run!

– Terri B., Medical Treatment Center

Start With The True Network Evaluation

To accurately plan your network design or service strategy, we’ll need to get to know you – the real you. This includes your specific technical specs, human resource requirements, and future business goals.

It all starts with a half-day, onsite visit from one of our top-level network engineers. They’ll inventory infrastructure, test systems, identify hidden technical issues, and uncover opportunities for untapped productivity. And not to worry – this onsite process will not affect your day-to-day operations, nor does it come with any obligations. It’s the first, critical step to better IT management.

The JENLOR True Network Evaluation is the first in a four-step process to solve your IT management issues. Discover through the True Network Evaluation, then Advise, Install and Manage.Learn More, Take Action and Get Control of Your Organization’s IT Future

Learn More about what you’ll receive and learn from a True Network Evaluation.

Read a Case Study about a true IT Partnership featuring one of JENLOR’s clients.

Contact us to get the discussion started.

Why Business Owners Struggle with Managing IT

Too Little Time… Too Many Priorities…

As a business owner, you know you have an IT department, but you may not fully understand what it does. You’d like to be more involved, but you’ve got enough on your plate – so you rely on your team to make IT-related decisions. And since you’re not in the trenches, you’re not always sure where your budget is going. Improving your IT situation could have a lot of benefits.

The right IT investment could increase:

  • Network Uptime
  • Security
  • Staff Productivity
  • Operational Efficiency
  • Profit Margins

Short- and Long-Term Needs of a Business Owner

JENLOR is a partner who can make sense of your IT department. We fill the advisory role through our IT consulting services. We can identify what you have now, what you need, and what it looks like from a budget perspective. We’re not an IT project company – we’re a forward-thinking IT partner that understands the big picture of IT impacts for HR, finances, and basic day-to-day operations.

Partnering to Fill the Gaps in Your IT

JENLOR isn’t a “one-size-fits-all” boxed solution. We determine with our True Network Evaluation what’s working, what isn’t and fill in the gaps. We supplement your current system and make sure all the parts, new and existing work seamlessly.


Solve Your IT Issues with a Partner that Fits

Whatever your current situation, JENLOR can help take your IT structure to the next level. So you can take your business there, too. Contact us today to schedule an initial conversation.


JENLOR Awarded 2018 Best Places to Work

Pittsburgh Business Times 2018 Best Places to Work winner JENLOR

JENLOR is a 2018 “Best Places to Work in Western Pennsylvania” named by the Pittsburgh Business Times.

According to the Business Times: The Best Places to Work in Western Pennsylvania honors the region’s most outstanding workplaces. Winners are selected based on an online employee survey and are honored at an event and in a special supplement.

JENLOR was previously named a “coolest office” by the Business Times.

Chrome Tech Support Scam

New Tech Support Scam Attacking Chrome Users

A new security breach scam has panicked many Google Chrome users.  The new scam freezes Chrome and convinces users into believing that their network security has been compromised.  But, the catch is that following the instructions listed will lead to the actual security breach.

The scam starts by displaying an error message about a security breach that leaves the browser inaccessible and advises the end user to dial the listed phone number to fix the error.  While on the other end of that phone number is the scammer posing as an Apple or Microsoft technician awaiting to obtain your credit card and other personal information.

The fix however is quite easy.  Windows users need to simply open Task Manager (press ctrl + shift + esc) and select the browser and click end task.  MacOS users just need to simply wait until a system message prompts them to close the unresponsive Chrome tab.

If a problem surfaces call our service team at 412-220-9330 x2 and we will help you through any security issues that lurk on the web.