Cyber Risks to Your Organization

Cyber-crimes pose a huge threat to individuals and businesses. There are many tales of data breaches, including a cyber attack recently launched, affecting 4 million federal workers. The persistence of these threats to your business data requires  that your security management services to be up-to-date in order to withstand the serious impact of these breaches. This also requires an investment for your business in a reliable disaster recovery management systems and a data backup service in order to keep your business running should you fall pretty to a cyber attack.

If you’re a business executive, watch out for these trends (or worries). They might affect your organization. Here are some of the biggest challenges we’re seeing.

Introduction of Malware via Your Email Server

When you open up your email to check your inbox, does malware and the serious threat that it poses to you and your company on a daily basis ever cross your mind? It certainly should.

Malware, which is software designed to attack vulnerabilities in your data system and render your computers or data inaccessible, is increasing in its sophistication. Newer types such as ransomware designed to take over your systems, particularly through mobile device users and cloud storage systems, can make access to customer data and other important records difficult or impossible to access to threaten your business processes.

One of the oldest methods for introducing malware into your computer systems is through email attachments. Educating your associates and other users of your computer systems to delete or set special SPAM filters on emails with suspicious attachments is one of the ways to keep unwanted software from infecting your computers and infiltrating your network.

Internet of Things (IoT) Risks

Internet of Things (IoT) security is the protection of Internet of Things devices from attack. While many business owners are aware that they need to protect computers and phones with antivirus, the security risks related to IoT devices are less well known and their protection is too often neglected. While IoT devices can greatly increase productivity for businesses, they also come with risks. Since IoT devices are connected to the internet, they can be hacked just like any other internet-enabled device.

Cyber security experts fear that the growth of IoT computing poses one of the fastest cyber risks presently to business computing systems. Because IoT relies on the interconnectivity of different technologies, hackers and others looking to cause mayhem in the cyber world have been given a ‘virtual’ playground in which to wreak havoc and chaos, compromising the security of your company’s data.

As experts seek to build the necessary security infrastructure to address those cyber risks posed by IoT computing, your challenge as a business owner is to stay abreast of those concerns being presented by industry experts. Taking the time to invest in a reliable data backup service and limit unauthorized users may be helpful but the extent of this risk may be unknown until a serious data breach occurs.

Password Security

Creating strong passwords and keeping them secure provides you with a first line defense from some of the cyber risks out there. You should encourage employees, through your internet usage policies and procedures and other training opportunities, to change their passwords periodically, never share a password with others, and not to use the same password for each point of entry or device coming into your company’s servers.

The best practices for creating secure passwords are:

  • 16 characters or more
  • include a combination of letters, numbers, and characters.
  • shouldn’t include any of the user’s personal information

These are only a sampling of the various cyber threats facing your business. More and more reports of serious data breaches along with the ever-evolving nature of technology should give you pause to rethink your business computing. Make sure your organization is protected by employing the security management services from JENLOR, where our experts work around-the-clock to keep your data safe and secure from all sorts of cyber threats and crime.

Start minimizing your company’s risk today and discover how JENLOR can keep your network on lock.