Benefit of Working with Managed IT Provider: JENLOR

“We’re able to leverage our knowledge to solve any IT situation.” – Frank Schlatterer


A benefit of working with managed IT provider, JENLOR, includes us being around since 2001! Bill Peters and Don Garrett surveyed the IT landscape and noticed a gap between what customers wanted and what they needed. While many businesses could greatly benefit from integrated, comprehensive IT services – few were willing to or even knew where to start. What they needed was a partner to help them understand and show them the way. Thus the creation of JENLOR. Using their wives’ names (Jennifer and Lori) to form their identity, Bill and Don developed a purely customer-centered business plan – focused on service 1st and technology 2nd. 


They then answered the challenge of assembling a uniquely qualified team, which would form the foundation of their future success. It wasn’t easy, but they pulled it off. Frank Schlatterer has had the privilege of being with JENLOR since 2005. Ever since then, he’s had the chance to see a lot of the company’s evolution from where they’ve started to where they are at today. He says, “We have a lot of structure we didn’t have in the past.”


Besides gaining experience from being around for almost two decades, another benefit of working with managed IT provider JENLOR includes us evolving as a company. This means we can better leverage the sum of knowledge of our staff; both inside the department and as a group. This allows people who have certain skill sets in their respective disciplines to focus on what their best at, but also offering that knowledge to people outside of the department when needed.


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