Backup & Disaster Recovery

Ensuring your organization is prepared for data loss is a crucial component of any well-rounded network management strategy. From accidental deletions and overwrites to full-on disasters, JENLOR’s BDR+ program can help ensure your business is ready for the unexpected.

Disaster Recovery Management

The steps involved in disaster management include prevention, preparedness, response, and recovery. If all your business’ information were saved locally inside your business with no outside backup, a disaster would be devastating for you and your company, and even life-threatening in some cases.

Backing up data to a cloud-based informational hub will save everything. With all your critical information at your fingertips, rebuilding the brick and mortar site won’t be so difficult. Business as usual can pick right up where it left off with all client files, formulations, and marketing materials safe and sound.

Litigation – We Hope This Doesn’t Happen To You

Nobody wants to consider the possibility that litigation could be part of his or her future, but it can. That’s just part of doing business in today’s world. Disgruntled ex-employees, customers who got hurt in the building, competitors who think they invented your product first, and many other unpleasant scenarios could arise causing a need for good data to be easily available. Having deleted those past emails, reports, and other data to make room could cause irreparable harm to your business in the case of litigation.

Access Everywhere

It is always a great idea to have your data available from a centralized location. This way decision-makers can keep track of what is going on with the business in real-time from a smartphone or laptop. The security features of these cloud-based servers are very good, so there is no risk of prying eyes to intrude on your data. Being able to pull up a report or have access to information in a format you are familiar with while traveling on business can make a huge difference in efficiency. Cloud storage allows you to conduct business seamlessly.

If you lack experience, the IT landscape can be a tricky field to navigate on your own. Don’t leave your company’s most valuable assets at risk by contacting the IT pros at JENLOR. For many years, the IT disaster recovery management services from JENLOR have helped hundreds of businesses regain control over their IT network. Let us help make your business’s IT easier than ever and get in touch with the IT consulting professionals at JENLOR.