5 Reasons Why Mobile Device Management is a Must for Your Company

Mobility is a must to stay ahead in today’s business environment. Just take a quick glance around the office or even outside the workplace and you’re guaranteed to spot at least some people working on smartphones, tablets, and laptops to keep connected even when they’re on the go. While this newfound mobility has drastically boosted business across the board, it doesn’t come without its own set of obstacles. Here are 5 Reasons Why Mobile Device Management is a Must for Your Company.

  1. Mobile Apps

    1. Mobile apps are being used to access data these days. Today’s tech-savvy workforce isn’t waiting for IT to give them mobile apps either. Employees are increasingly using whatever apps they want for file sync and share, note-taking, communication, and more to maximize their job performance.
  2. BYOD

    1. Support for Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) is the new normal. However, companies are struggling with how best to secure corporate data on personally owned devices. Mobility solutions can separate personal and corporate data allowing IT to retain control of corporate data while leaving personal apps and data alone.
  3. Mobile Device Management

    1. Mobile device management protects employees from the enterprise. It sounds odd because so often the focus is on IT preventing corporate data from mixing with unauthorized personal apps. Yet, the reverse is also true. With Mobile Device Management, you maintain user privacy throughout your company.
  4. Support

    1. Mobile device management solutions simplify the multi-platform maze by providing consistent security and management across the mix of devices, operating systems, and ownership models within the company.
  5. Benefits

    1. When apps and data can be protected and managed independent of device-level controls then organizations can broaden support to the entire enterprise and truly experience the benefits of mobility.

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