5 Reasons to Backup Microsoft Office 365 Data

Office 365 Data

Over the past few years, there has been considerable growth in the number of businesses switching from on-premise Exchange to Office 365. The truth is that data loss is still a common occurrence. Here are the 5 reasons to backup Office 365 data.

    1. Accidental DeletionĀ If you delete a user or mail environment data (intentionally or unintentionally), the deletion is propagated throughout your environment. A recent Office 365 backup gives you the ability to recover from this situation.
    2. Gaps in Retention PoliciesOffice 365’s retention policies have their limitations, and are not a substitute for a good backupĀ  A backup offers longer, more accessible data retention that is fully protected and kept in one location for quick recovery.
    3. Internal and External Security Threats
      Internal security breaches occur more frequently than you might expect. A current Office 365 backup reduces the possibility of important data being lost or destroyed. Viruses and malware (external security risks) also seriously harm organizations, but a backup makes it simple to restore mailboxes to a state prior to the attack.
    4. Requirements for Compliance and Law
      In order for the data to be available and accessible in the event of possible litigation, regulatory compliance guidelines compel organizations to preserve it safely. Office 365 backups guarantee that you can access mailbox data in the event of legal action or to satisfy any compliance or regulatory requirements.

Businesses all around the world are struggling with the difficulties of switching to the cloud. It’s crucial to know that SaaS platform providers, like Microsoft Office 365, are in charge of both key infrastructure and application uptime. However, the customer is still in charge of maintaining and safeguarding their vital business data.

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